Welcome back to Tom and Jerry

Some things can easily evoke a sense of nostalgia in me.  The sight of black jacks in the sweet shop remind me of running up northern streets with a darkened tongue, playing with all my might.

Skipping ropes make me want to stay out after dark jumping in time to a chant, and whenever the Goonies comes on, I grab the cashew nuts and sit myself down in front of the screen for 90 minutes.

And Tom and Jerry – the beautifully politically incorrect tales of a mouse bettering a feline on a day to day basis.  I love it, and have turned my children into mini addicts too.


And Tom and Jerry are back!

In the new Tom and Jerry Show.

It still harks familiarity to the original which means I still adore it.


Some Tom and Jerry facts for you died hard cat and mouse loving fans

Tom and Jerry are the proud owners of 7 Academy Awards.

There has never been a drop of blood shed in the original cartoon series (to my knowledge).

The cartoon was created in 1940 – so way before my time.

Tom was originally called Jasper and Jerry was the mouse without a name.



The new show is belting, myself and my three children are glued to Boomerang on Saturday mornings at 9am, and often we are all found chortling with laughter.  It is one of my favourite times of the week.

Disclosure: We were asked to review the new series and sent a promotional disc and goodies.





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