Tips for Designing Flyers 

Flyers are a highly effective and low-cost way of getting people’s attention in what can be a very busy marketplace. To help you even more, though, here are some easy tips to really make your flyers do the job.

Use a memorable, easy-to-scan headline

You need to catch people’s eyes with some well-chosen, impactful words – “easy”, “free”, “time-short”, “bonus”, “two-for-one” and “you can” are among the best phrases to use for the maximum effect on busy eyes.

Employ colourful and unusual graphics 

Using one big image works better than using several smaller, possibly disparate, images. A single image creates a mood, sets a scene and tells a story. It’s a focal point and it encourages the reader to find out more. There are many stock photos and images online, so take your time to find the right ones. Additionally, you should make sure you use the best quality paper and inks you can find here, as it’s important.


Sell the benefits of your event, product or service

Readers will want to know what’s in it for them, so tell them. Address them directly, using “your” and “you”. Don’t use “we”, “my” or “our”. Stay sharp and to the point, using the big-gun words like “free”, “save”, “new” and so on. Avoid long paragraphs, interspersing them with sub-headings and bullet points, as well as box-outs and side panels.

Try case studies and endorsements

Happy customers inspire confidence in prospective and new clients. Don’t just go for anonymous sound-bites, though, go into as much detail as possible. Also, be sure to include the company name and contact details of the satisfied customer.

Get organised

Use boxes, bullet points and different colours in your flyer – a huge wall of monotonous-looking text is very off-putting and readers will find it hard to extract the information you want to get across to them. Use white space and lead the eye to where you want it to go.

Make your points stand out

Use bold or italics, but never use caps lock as it looks shouty and unprofessional.

Keep things simple

Use a maximum of two typefaces and use grids, too. Make sure everything is aligned to the grid and remember your margins – at least 0.5” margins on all sides.

Proofread – at least once

Have a look over your text yourself, then leave it overnight, have another look, then ask a friend. Try the phone numbers to make sure they’re right, try out the URL to make sure it works and avoid common SPG mistakes.

If money is tight…

Use brightly-coloured or unusual paper and black ink, maybe with grey shading and contrasting backgrounds.

Offer a deep discount or a time-limited freebie 

Use the bottom quarter of the flyer as a coupon, but make sure the conditions and deadlines are stated clearly. If it’s a coupon that people have to hand or post in, make sure all the information fields are visible and accurate – postal address, space for card details and so on.

No-one’s asking you to change the world with your flyers – just use these tried-and-tested methods to make your marketing work for you.


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