This is me….

Hullo *waves*,

Come in, please, grab a cup of tea, biscuits are on the side.

Nice to meet you.

I’m Jane, author of this blog, which I have set up to try and help me control my excessive spending problem.

I do like to spend money, I like to earn it as well but since spending more time at home with my three kids I get less opportunity to make it than I do spend it which is unfortunate predicament to be in.

This blog will hopefully detail some cheaper ways to eat, but I am not promising anything fancy, highlight any deals that I discover on my quest to be thrifty, and it will tell you about any fab days out and cheap ways to entertain the kids.  If I am honest it will also detail my finance disasters and times when I have swerved off the thrifty path…

If you want to know a bit more about why I used to be a spender and how life has turned me into a saver check out the about me page.

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  1. Congrats on the launch of your new blog – great idea! I too could do with learning how to be a bit more thrifty, so I’ll be subscribing and following from now on :-) x

  2. Hi
    Congratulations opn the new blog – I’ll be following as I’m always on the lookout for cheap and thrifty alternatives, well done, Helen :]

  3. Frances Heaton says:


    Enjoyed reading your blog, very interesting.

    I was going to enter your competition to win Amazon vouchers, but not sure whether entrants need to have their own blog.
    Can you please clarify?
    Thank you, good luck


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