4 ways to look great and spend less

Staying true to your thrifty self, but also wearing lovely clothes can be a tricky compromise.

I want to save money but this doesn’t quell my desire for nice things and that includes my wardrobe.

So I have sought out 5 ways to allow you to hit the shops and still have money left in your pocket.

5 Ways to go shopping and spend less.

  1. Clean out.

Usually buying new clothes means you have got bored of your old.  So before you even hit the shops, give your cashflow a boost by getting some of your old threads on eBay and making some pennies first.

2. Hit the charity shops.

It is cliche, but people give away some fantastic stuff to charity shops.  All you have to do is be prepared to hunt.  I have managed to identify a couple of great local charity shops that stock a couple of my favourite brands.  I don’t know who donates the clothes, but I sure am thankful.

3. Lovethesales

If you want designer clothes, fresh off the rack, then make sure you wait for the sales. Or you can head online to Lovethesales and see which of your favourite brands have great discounts available.

The Boden sale recently caught my eye, and all of these items have a 30% discount on at present.


Lovethesales offer discounts at some fab designer brands and are a great way to get your fashion fresh but at cheaper prices.

Just as I like it!

4. Shop out of season

Deals are often found when one season transfers to the next, so shopping out of season can net you some great deals.  It is also an incentive to maintain your waistline when you have a brand new wardrobe waiting for you when the weather changes.

Happy Shopping.



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