Getting (and Keeping) The Best Workforce For Your Business

Your workforce is at the heart of your business- and in order to succeed you need talented and driven individuals to perform the daily tasks that keep things ticking over. If you have experienced a drop in productivity, or you just want your business to be as productive as it can be, you will need to address your workforce and snag (and keep) the very best employees. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

Advertising, Recruiting and Interviewing

A high employee turnover rate is bad news for any business. It wastes time, money and resources- so it’s important to get the right people on board from the beginning. This starts with your job ad, you will want to make it clear what the role entails but not dress it up to be something it’s not. Otherwise you could have a worker get the role, be disappointed and leave. During the interview process you will want to get to know employees as well as you can, what makes them suitable for the role and what kind of experience do they have which can be transferred to the new job. You will also need to determine their tax status to make sure everything is above board- you can learn more here, and ensure they’re legal to work in the country. Follow up references too, check what previous employers have to say.

Offer Good Employee Benefits

Potential employees will be looking for a competitive salary of course, however offering good employee benefits too will make your company an attractive place to work. These are things like health or life insurance, disability plans, pension and retirement packages. Even extras such as a company smartphone, laptop or car will go down well and could attract the best workers.

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Set Up a Good Office Space

The office is where your employees will be spending most of their time, so setting up a great space can help them to feel happy and productive. Good equipment, ergonomically designed furniture and a light, bright and airy atmosphere. Get the overhead lighting right, and aim to position desks close to windows to make the most of the natural daylight. Your office shouldn’t just be an afterthought, spend the time, effort and money here and it will pay off for you in your business.

Don’t Underestimate Team Building Activities

Team building activities can be skimmed over as being a bit silly or stereotypical. But it’s important that your staff don’t just work well individually, but as a team also. To achieve this they need good communication and trust which can be built in team building activities. You could organise a day of activities in the office or even an outing, lots of companies offer fun options for this. Even social gatherings such as an annual Christmas office party or the occasional free lunch can also be useful too. Look to employ people who have been shown to work well in groups and teams.

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