Worlds Apart: The final touches of magic….

Creating the perfect bedroom for my youngest daughter has taken a fair bit of time.

She wanted something magical, something that reflected her desire to be a princess…

And this is what we gave her…

bedroom duluxNext came a fairy tale bed, with disney sheets to continue the theme.  Her reaction was amazing, she has never fought to go to sleep since her dream bed arrived.

dreambedSo all I needed was the finishing touches, which were sent this week.

A doorbell, carefully placed in a castle surround.  So now we all have to ring for entry into my babies little palace.  She loves it, it makes her feel grown up (and her siblings don’t have one).  We may need to invest in shares in duracell because no one can resist pressing it as they walk by, myself included.

photoThen finally a light to soothe her to sleep.

photo (2)Obviously it is in theme with the Princess room, but it is activated by sound and stays on for two minutes.  So as I leave the room, leaving a kiss on my little ones cheek, I hear a clap (to activate) and a giggle as the light comes on and she gets a bit of playtime with the teddies at the end of her bed.

We were sent our finishing touches to review from the fabulous site, Worlds Apart.  Prices in the wall sticker range start from £3.99 and finish at £19.99 so don’t break the bank, but look incredible.


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