Untapping Your Home’s Money Saving Potential

Your home could be a money saving paradise, if you just let it be one. Yes, your home has the potential to save you a great amount of money, you just need to untap this potential yourself. To see just how that can be done, make sure to read on.

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Save money on your mortgage deposit

Untapping your home’s money saving potential can begin even before you enter it. In fact, it can begin even before you own it and when you are still purchasing it! You see, there are ways to save money on your mortgage deposit, doing so just requires a bit of work on your part. Mainly, this work entails ensuring you pick the right mortgage broker for the job; more often than not this means pairing with a mortgage broker that knows exactly who you are, where you are and what you want. In regards to choosing a broker that  knows where you are, make sure you work alongside a mortgage broker that has the tools to deal with your exact area of residence, such as Altrua Financial who are experts both in the mortgage field and in the London, Ontario area, if you want to save money on your deposit. By doing so, you will find yourself with a cash left over after your big move, and that is truly an elusive thing to have at that point!

Destroy your home’s phantom electricity usage

Phantom electricity, as you can probably guess, is electricity that is used but to no avail. It is a light that is switched on and left on even when nobody is around to use it. It is a television that is left on, or even in standby mode, overnight. It is, well, you get the point: it is wasted electricity. And you can untap your home’s money saving potential by ensuring all the electricity within it is only running or on if it is being used. So, switch off lights when nobody is in the room to use them, and switch your TV completely off at the wall, and not just onto standby, when you go to bed at night!

Practicing what is known as the 30 day rule

When you own a home, it’s natural to want to fill it with things that you think will improve it. As such, it is easy to waste money on things that, in reality, your home doesn’t actually need. But, by refusing to buy such things for your home, you will untap its money saving potential.

And that’s where the 30 day rule comes into play. Simply, what this entails is waiting 30 days to decide whether or not that thing that you initially thought you needed for you home is actually something your home needs. You should do this because, once these 30 days have passed, your mind will be far clearer and you will be able to judge far better if your home really does need whatever it is you initially considered for it.

Your home has the potential to save you loads of money, you just need to be willing to untap this potential yourself!


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