Thrifty Pampering

There are lots of things that I enjoy doing that don’t always fall into a thrifty lifestyle.  Shopping being one of them, nights out being another, and pampering myself being a third.

However I am always on the hunt for ways to do what I love at a fraction of the cost.

For example, this weekend, I went to see the fantastic play Speed The Plow, starring Lindsay Lohan in London’s West End.  Tickets usually retail from around £59.50 in the stalls, but after booking last minute, we managed to snag second row seats at a bargain £12.50 each.

The play is amazing by the way; I recommend anyone goes to see it.  The chaps are amazing in it and the story is both thought provoking and incredibly funny.

Nights out can be tricky to do on the cheap, so again, I use the internet to search for meal offers, happy hours and cater the night around those, meaning I still come home with money in the bank.

There are lots of price comparison type sites out there that make looking for ways to save money easy.

Except when it comes to pampering…

Looking to find discounts on hair and beauty requires a fair amount of time on Google, with no one offering a simple site that allows you to search and book online comparing salons in the local area.

hair dressers

Unless you are lucky enough to live in Manchester or Leeds.

If you are a northerner, and like me, keen to find ways of keeping costs down but still enjoying a quality service (let’s face it – no one wants bad hair).  Then it is worth checking out Rock Pamper Scissors.  A new website that launched in 2013 with Leeds as its first city and Manchester as its second.

The premise behind the site is simple, to allow customers to experience an attractive site which allows them to search and find local salons, compare costs and book their latest beauty treatment or hair appointment.  The salons deals are included in the site, so you can see the best price to get a new do in that local area.


To my southern thrift seeking readers, don’t panic, Rock Pamper Scissors plan on expanding throughout the rest of the UK slowly and steadily.  So this rather revolutionary fashionable idea will be available to us eventually.

Until then, I reckon I could find a way to get to Manchester for a cheap night out, and to get my hair done!

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