Simple ways to care for your children’s teeth

All my three children have had an aversion to teeth cleaning from an early age.  My eldest son used to nibble on my fingers rather than the brush as a baby, and his twin sister declared every form of toothpaste that entered her mouth as disgusting.

Dental hygiene became a battling point when they were young.

Luckily, a made up rhyme, some Peppa Pig themed paste, and a flashing toothbrush eventually saved me, and teeth brushing became an enjoyable pastime, but it took some time to get there.

As a mum, it is something you have to persevere with, because dental health is pretty important.

Babies get their first teeth around six months of age, usually accompanied by grizzling, red cheeks and a few sleepless nights.   By the time they are three, they should have all of their primary teeth, and then after hanging on to those for a couple of years they will all start to drop out between the ages of six and eleven.

So how to care for those pearly whites.

  1. Firstly, get a dentist.  You should have your babies’ teeth examined by a dentist by their first birthday.  You can use, a really simple website that allows you to book appointments on line with dentists who treat children within your local area.  It takes all the stress out of calling numerous dentists trying to find an appointment.  You will also be able to read reviews and see ratings to help you make an informed choice as a parent.


  1. Make sure they eat a decent mix of food and get good nutrition.  Make those little teeth strong by giving them plenty of food and vegetables as a great source of calcium.


  1. Use a soft brush for children and only a tiny pea sized amount of toothpaste.


  1. Set a timer for 2/3 minutes (or get a flashing brush) so the child knows how long to brush for.


  1. Change toothbrushes every 3 months


  1. Get them flossing as soon as they can – they will need help until they are around eight or nine.


  1. Avoid sugary drinks, and fizzy pop – that will ruin those little baby teeth.


  1. Give them plenty of water; it is good for their entire being not just their teeth!



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