Saving serious money with Snapt

My quest to live a thrifty life is not always successful, as proven by my recent shopping spree on the high street.  However, we have tried to put our big expenses in order.  Heating our home and running the electricity are two areas where we are always looking for better deals, but it can be a minefield of information which can be overwhelming when you start comparing different tariffs and providers.

Hence why I was excited to hear about a new energy switching app that is reputed to make all of the above easier.  It is the brainchild of price comparison site, compare the market, aimed at helping the modern-day household reduce their energy bills.

We were sent an Ipad mini to test out the Snapt app and quickly put this clever feature to the test.

It is a simple process (even for the technically challenged like myself).


Download the Snapt app from iTunes : Hardness Rating – Easy.

Find where you filed your most recent Gas and Electricity Bill : Hardness Rating – Extremely hard for me, who has a complicated filing system – I understand normal, rational people find this bit easier.

Open up the Snapt apt and using on-screen instructions take a photo of each page of your bill : Hardness Rating – Easy Peasey.

Press send and send your bill to the team at Snapt and make a cup of tea whilst they do the hard work : Hardness Rating – Childsplay

The results are typically sent within ten minutes and I nearly dropped my drink when mine arrived.  Snapt discovered it could save us as much as £460 a year of our energy bills.  Can you imagine the shopping spree I could go on with that!

Snapt emailed a concise list of local suppliers with a listing of how much we could save and details of the tariff.  It has made the daunting prospect of changing suppliers incredibly easy.  All I need to do now is confirm which supplier I want to move to and Snapt will do the hard work.

What technology can do nowadays never fails to amaze me, and inventions like Snapt only confirm that wonder in me.  It is so simple, so user-friendly that even the kids could use it.  And all it does is save you money!

If you want to know more details on how Snapt works check out this video.

Disclosure: We were sent an iPad mini to review Snapt – all opinions remain my own


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