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I often find myself worried about the state of the education system that my children are currently enrolled in.  I see outstanding teachers being crushed under pressure to meet SAT standards, and a lack of finance being put into a system that is met to grow the next generation of academics.

I have three bright little sparks in my house, all with a thirst to learn.  The older two are coping with the change to secondary and the accompanying piles of homework; but the little one, launches in from school, looking to do more.

We are frequently looking at ways to challenge her that is also fun.

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Educational Quizzes

Educational Quizzes offer a fun way and different way to study.

Sutiable for all ages – they are indeed a “tutor in your computer.”

This video gives you a good overview of their approach…

My smallest loves to play, and I love that she is learning.

The quizzes are successful in building self esteem, and great fun.    These are quizzes written by teachers…

Our experienced teachers make certain that you know all the important elements of the subjects inside out and furthermore they give you the tools to ensure you remember them.

Educational Quizzes

There are several quizzes on each topic, you can pit yourself against your child (bit of advice – make sure it is a topic you know something about – education has changed!).  The website is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for the kids to navigate through.

Subscription costs you just £9.95 per month and you can easily cancel at any time – even after just one month – far more economical than an tutor, and your kids will prefer using the computer as it connotes with fun rather than learning!

For more details and to sign up, take a look at their website: Educational Quizzes


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