Preparing For The Worst: Planning Your Own Funeral


No one likes to think about what could happen after they die, and it can be even worse to think about the high costs your family will have to pay to give you a proper funeral. Of course, this isn’t exactly a subject for the everyday chat, but when you are preparing for your financial future, it is something to consider.

There are a few different aspects to consider when planning for your own funeral, whether you decide just to save up money or you want creative control over your own send-off. You can always visit a website such as to get advice and support over planning this difficult part of your life.

Write Out A Will

Before you do anything else, it is recommended that you write a will. A will determines what you wish to happen with your possessions and who you will leave your inheritance to. You can fill in a will at any point in your life and make amendments as many times as you need over the years. It is however very important to have the security there just in case the worst ever happens. You can get advice on writing a will here: and filling it out may take a while, but it is worth it for the peace of mind you get.

Setting A Budget and Saving Up

The biggest hurdle you will have to overcome when you are faced with planning for the future is saving up the money for the service you want. It can take a long time and careful planning to save up the budget you require, but it is worth it to save your family from the agony of having to pay out after you are gone. A good way to go about it is to treat it like a pension. Every month, put a little bit into a bank account, and over the years the amount will increase, and you will accrue interest too.

Deciding on The Type of Service

You can either decide on having a simple, small gathering at the local church followed by a small function room for the family; or you can make it into a bigger deal. It totally depends on your personal preference, but planning the type of service you’d like to have is an excellent way to take the pressure off your family and friends. You can also take this time to decide whether or not you want to be cremated. If you decide on burial, you can pick out a plot of land, decide on your headstone with the help of your family and shop for coffins. It might sound morbid, but some people find it easier to cope if they have creative control.

Making It A Celebration

Finally, a funeral is a sad place to be, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Your funeral is a celebration of your life, so make it your own and give people good memories to remember you by.


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