Thrifty gambling….

Being thrifty is not always easy and having a bit of a release from time to time is healthy (in my opinion!). I come from a long trend of bingo players, and lottery hopers and am no exception to my heritage.

The only difference being, I play bingo online – see, am being thrifty as not paying for a sitter!  Plus I can play the lottery from the comfort of my living room – and using Multilotto, I can play the world lotteries.

Online you can find lots of great sites to find the best Bingo and lottery sites, so I can be sure I am spending my spare pennies wisely.

Being thrify and being a careful gambler – can exist.

Ways to be thrifty and gamble.

  1.  Set a budget and stick to it
  2. Do it for fun – not to pay debts!
  3. Put any winnings into a saving account and save for a treat day!

These are my three staple rules.

To be honest, most of my gambling now is done in the form of playing multilotto and on occasion going to the horse racing – where you can mix having a flutter with catching up with friends.


At Multilotto, you can bet on the outcome of a wide selection of international lottery jackpots. Making it far more fun than the usual one.

So what is lotto betting?

Lotto betting is placing a bet on official lotteries’ draws,  so in short, you are gambling on which lottery numbers, will be drawn out.

It is a really simple and fun concept, you simply pick the numbers you hope will be drawn (you can try and apply mathematical theory to it….) If you guess correctly, you will win prizes, which usually comes in the form of extra pennies!  Hurray!

Prize sizes are all dependant, but it is pretty easy to figure out!

There is always hope of becoming a millionaire, and Multilotto has made people’s dreams come true.  In 2015 the biggest ever Eurojackpot jackpot was wone by a woman in the Czech Republic! The Finnish lady won an incredible 90 million EUR.

With that hope in sight – I will keep betting my little £2 a week and hope one day my numbers will come in!

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