New Parent Joy: Ways To Celebrate Your New Baby

Having a new baby is one of the most exciting and joyous occasions in life, and if anything is a cause for celebration it’s this! When you find out you’re expecting, there are a number of ways you can bring everyone together and celebrate this brand new life. Here are some of the events you could consider holding.

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Gender Reveal

When you’re expecting, the biggest question on everyone’s lips is ‘boy or girl’? Rather than just tell people, why not make an occasion of it? There are tonnes of creative ways to reveal your baby’s gender, you could cut into a cake with the inside dyed blue or pink. You could pop a big balloon releasing pink or blue confetti. You can even buy gender reveal party poppers on places like eBay.

Baby Shower

People usually find out their baby’s gender between sixteen and twenty weeks, whereas a baby shower can be held a little closer to your due date (but you could always combine the two if you wanted). Friends and family will of course be keen to spoil your little one with gifts so having a get together where they’re able to do so makes good sense. It can be worth creating a ‘wishlist’ if you feel comfortable doing so, that way you’re not getting repeats of things you already have and allows people to spend on things you really need.

Newborn Photo Shoot

Babies change incredibly quickly, even from being a newborn to a week or so old. They quickly lose their ‘newborn’ look so if you want to capture this it’s worth booking it in early on. A good newborn photographer will know all of the best poses to position your baby in and have great props to create an adorable selection of pictures you can cherish forever. Make sure you get enough copies for friends and family who are bound to want one!


A christening or baptism is a tradition for many families. This was previously something that was done within the first few weeks of birth, but these days many children are christened later on even years later. It’s entirely up to you when you think is best, but is a nice way to introduce the child to your religion and a special day for all of the family. Unlike baby showers and gender reveal parties, christenings are a little more formal. You can get invitations from sites like Pure Invitation and set up a party afterwards with food and beautiful flowers. It’s a chance for everyone to dress up nice and another lovely occasion to celebrate with your baby.

First Birthday

Sure, your baby might not remember their first birthday. But you will! So why not make an occasion of it? You could do a cash smash photo shoot, decorate the room beautifully and put on a party for loved ones. You’ll always have those special memories and pictures to remember the day forever.

Are you expecting? Which ways do you plan on celebrating your little one with loved ones?

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