Lovesales: A simply genius idea

This one is for all the dedicated shoppers out there who like to save but still buy new clothes. I know it sounds like an impossible dream….

But it isn’t…

This week I found out about Lovesales, an absolutly belting website, that allows me to both spend and save….

In short, what the site does is remember your favourite items that you are desperate to purchase and lets you know when you can get them on sale!

Blooming genius eh!

How does it work

Step one:

Sign up for an account – you can sign in with Facebook.

Then get the Love Sales button by simply picking it up and dragging it to your bookmarks bar.

Then when you are shopping online, everytime you see a product you like, click the Love Sales button and add it to your list.

As soon as it goes on sale, you will get to hear about it!

For more details on how it works, click this link.

What else

If that wasn’t enough, you can also browse the latest hot sales and see what is going for a bargain at the moment.

Right now there is a 40% sales on at Boden for one week, 50% at Warehouse and 70% at Miss Selfridge.

It is almost criminal to not go shopping.

Which is why…

The postman will be bringing this lovely dress to my house very soon.

Hobbs Dress: Almost 40% off

hobbs dress Beautiful isn’t it.

So what are you waiting for?

The site is simple to use, effective to browse through and cost saving for anyone who likes to wear beatiful things spending a fortune!

As I said…. Genius.

In association with Lovesales


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