Life after turning thrifty

Trying to live a leaner life never sounder appealing. In fact when I gave up full time employment to look after the kids and their magical mystery box of illnesses I dreaded the thought of coupon cutting and eBay shopping.

But looking back over the last year, it really has not been so bad,

True, we are not flush or swimming in diamonds.  But I am debt free, confident in my ability to make money, and I am there for my kids when they need me.

And life is different but still the same.

We still have copious amounts of days out, being a blogger has perks.  But we always take a packed lunch, bring our own water and don’t stop for tea on the way home.

We still holiday.  Every year I collect clubcard points which transfer into avios points which turn into a break away.  Last year we had an unforgettable break in EuroDisney, this year they are just waiting to be spent on another exciting adventure.

We eat well, but meals are planned in advance.  Clipped to the fridge on a Sunday night and followed religiously.

OmeletteSky TV has gone, replaced by a cheaper Netflix.  The kids need their iCarly and me, I currently can’t exist without my weekly fix of “Orange is the New Black.”

We laugh a bit more now finances are not the sole focus of our life.  I still work a little bit in my old day job, as a freelance recruiter I still help people find new banking jobs, sales roles, and admin roles.  But it is not as demanding as it used to be, less hours means 

We still worry about the future but live very much for the moment.

A tough year behind us,  and seeing troubles around us has taught me that for now, the present is a priority.

I am trying to embrace mindfulness along with thriftness. I embrace pleasure where I find it. A dog walk in a beautiful wood, a hug from one of my children, a rare moment of silence in my manic household.

I think I am starting to find balance in my world.

It feels good.

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