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I’d say the secret’s out – not that it’s ever really been much of one anyway – talking money is a yawn-fest. Trying to figure out where’s best to place your hard-earned moolah can be such a chore.

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Different banks, different financial advisors, different advice. And why is it that when it comes to the important stuff, such as investing, Google is not your friend. It just makes matters worse. Same goes for general illnesses and childhood rashes, but that’s another blog post for another day. Parents know.

Top form adulting with ISAs

Yet, as much as we loath sitting down and getting our finances straight, investing is pretty vital. Some would say more so once you have a family, children, of your own. When little humans are depending on you, really, putting money aside to ensure you keep things ticking along nicely is a must.

What are the biggies? Well, if your adulting is on top form, I’d say ISAs and personalised investment accounts are certainly handy. Where else in the world can you stash you cash tax-free? The government kindly, believe it or not, allow us to save up to £20,000 a year, away from the grabbing hands of the tax man.

So use it. Or lose it. Corny, right? But true. Sorry.

Set up an account and a standing order and just hamster some numbers away for a rainy day. How many times have you had to turn to a credit card or eat into your overdraft to fix the car, replace the washer, fork out on vet bills? ISAs save the day in emergencies, and for smashing those long-term savings goals.

Who knows what’s around the corner?

Putting small amounts regularly, consistently, into savings can give you peace of mind that whatever path your children choose to take. Whether you help with uni fees, live their around-the-world trip vicariously through your investment account, or support them in buying their first home. There’s no better feeling than helping your children live their best life.

And for you? When the little ones have left the nest, having a hefty, reliable pension fund can mean there’s money aside for you to enjoy the little luxuries in life. Be a lady who lunches. Become a member of the theatre. Book that transatlantic cruise. The world is your oyster.

40 is the new 20? Pah, set your sights high. I’m aiming for 60.


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