Great Ways to Have Fun This Autumn, Without Breaking the Bank

Over the warmer months, it’s easy to have a great day without spending much. You can spend the day in the park, take a picnic, play football and explore. Or, you can spend the day in the garden and have a picnic lunch before going fruit picking in the afternoon. Then, when the weather changes, it seems to become much harder. Staying in all the time when it’s cold, and gray can quickly get depressing, but who can afford to be paying to go warm places every weekend?

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Fortunately, autumn is a magical time, full of fun things you can do with the whole family without spending much at all. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A Scavenger Hunt

Autumn is the best time for a scavenger hunt. There are so many different kinds and colors of leaves all over. There are conkers, acorns, helicopter leaves and other bits to find as well as squirrels and other animals to spot.

Make your own sheet of treasures to find, or print one out, wrap everyone up and get out there exploring.

Make Gifts

Autumn is the perfect time to get started on your holiday crafting. Start making gifts and decorations as well as cards and baked goods. If you start now, you could have everything made, wrapped and ready going into December. Leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season. While you will need to buy some supplies, you will save yourself a fortune on gifts later on. Have a look online for some cool ideas.


Baking isn’t just for Christmas. When it’s cold outside, and you don’t want to leave your warm, cozy house, there’s nothing better than baking some warming cookies or cakes to enjoy with a hot chocolate. Basic baking is really easy, and you’ve probably already got most of the ingredients.

Head Out for Lunch

Over autumn and winter, many pubs, cafes and restaurants have lunch time offers or specials to pull in the customers. Search for “Things to do near me” to get some ideas of the best places to eat in your area. Then, save as much as you can by taking advantage of offers and deals.


Autumn is a great time to head out for an invigorating walk. It’s cool enough that you don’t get hot and sweaty but still warm enough that you won’t be cold if you wrap up and keep moving. Going for a long walk is a great way to unwind, relax and help yourself to get a great night’s sleep.

Museum Visits

Many museum and galleries are free to enter, so you only have to spend money if you want to donate or buy something in the shop. Have a look at what’s nearby and check out some museums that you haven’t been to for a long time, if at all.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy it. Have a look online and plan some fab, free days out to keep yourself busy until Christmas.

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