Disney Marvel Kids: Free Entertainment

Every thing seems to have a price tag nowadays.  Which makes trying to entertain kids a costly business.

So hence my delight this week when we were introduced to Disney’s Marvel Kids Games.

Free and fun!


Which was perfect timing, as this week, my nine year old son and I were spending a day together in hospital as he underwent minor surgery.  So we both needed something to take our mind off things.

You can find a whole host of things to do at MarvelKids, for children (and adults of all ages).   You can play games, watch videos, learn about the characters, or get stuck into activities.

Whilst my son was with the surgeon I passed the hour happily playing Spider Man Suduko!

Owen, however, was slightly more into games with a bit more action, and decieded to first sample Big Hero 6, then he played SpiderMan Web Slinger for what felt like an age….

Web slinger involves acting as Spiderman using your web to sling your way through New York City, jumping, sliding and web slinging to stay out of harms way.

spidey slinger

Web slinger involvesPlayplaying -Man and swing through the streets of New York City! Use your spider-skills to web swing, slide and jump to avoid danger!

Owen was ace at it….

I was rubbish!

(My excuse is I was trying to screen shot).

But his favourite game by far was Gamma Storm Smash.

You get to navigate Hulk and the Agents of Smash into a Gamma Storm where you need to defeat Annihilius and his army invasion.

Again, I was rubbish…

hulk loser

Left to me, the Universe would be pretty much destroyed.

However, luckily for Earth and the planets, Owen was a pretty good smasher!


Marvel Kids are amazing fun, free, and true to the films.  It was such a good distraction from what could have been a really miserable day confined to a hospital bed.

Check out the full range of games available here.

Warning: If over 30 – stick to Suduko or the word search – attempting to join in anything else will only end in shame…..


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