Decorating A Child’s Bedroom On A Budget – Your Simple Style Guide



As a parent, we often want to spend our money in overwhelming quantities if we consider it to be ‘emotionally right’. Let us elaborate. If your child needs an important and total overhaul of their bedroom space, you might want to forgo all of the other financial contributions to your own maintenance you have to give them everything you feel they should have. It’s just a natural inclination as a parent. You’d much rather your child enjoys their childhood rather than going without, even if you provide your child with everything they need.

Luckily, this home advice will give you and your children the ability you need to decorate your child’s bedroom on a budget. Implement one or all of these tips to give your child the most beautiful home space they can reside within.


Identify A Theme


First, you want to identify a theme. This will help you make the best purchasing decisions in the future, and it will take you a long way. You merely need to figure out what your child would like to live within. Try and steer clear of passing phases. While your child may really enjoy that certain television show right now, if you’re lacking the funds and are opting for a budget makeover, who’s the say the child won’t be bored with the show in a year, and the bedroom will need a whole new makeover. To overcome the long term costs of redecoration, try and opt for a compromise between the tastes of your child and what can comfortably see them through the upcoming period of time that will give them the best and most beautiful area to inhabit.


Purchase Second Hand


Purchasing second hand furniture can help you overcome plenty of costs that accrue from purchasing brand new furniture pieces. However, you need to be careful about sourcing this furniture. You need to know where it’s been, and give it a look over before it’s purchase. Something as simple as a rusty nail can be harmful for your child in the worst of situations. For this reason, it’s important to clean the piece of furniture, or simply make sure that it’s of the required hygiene to comfortably sit in your child’s bedroom without worries.


Source The Best Deals


As with anything, it costs nothing to search for the cheapest and best methods of acquisition online. eBay, Shpock and even the Facebook marketplace all have wonderful listings from the local community that might work perfectly in your child’s space, and for a fraction of the cost of regular new listings. If you’re looking for something more unique, looking online for specialist retailers can help you overcome those extended prices that normal retailers place on their ‘unique items’. Sites like Cuckooland that specialise in this form of kids beds have a wide array of listings and reasonable prices that are worth checking out.


Prioritize Your Money


Where should your money ideally flow? Could you potentially spend the majority of the money on a large fixture that will stand the test of time, such as a wardrobe or bed, while saving money by building the other furniture yourself? If you have a garage and the skills, making a bedside table for your child is as simple as securing the timber necessary and getting to work.


Just make sure you keep a concentrated eye on the safety of the piece, and be sure to varnish it well to avoid any splinters or any other harmful effect that could accrue. It might be as simple as placing hand-me-down furniture from an older sibling to a younger sibling. While this might be questionable to do with clothing, it’s not exactly that problematic when transferring furniture, especially if it’s still as structurally intact as the item was on day one.


Not only will saving money in this regard help you purchase big and better items to upgrade the bedroom in the future as your child ages, but if any repairs need to be made, you will have the extra funds to do so.


Decoration Isn’t Expensive


There’s no reason as to why you should simply spend a fortune. Sometimes, you can get the best results without much spending whatsoever. How much money does a tin of paint and a brush cost? It’s likely not much in your area, depending on where you shop.


What’s more is that most decors retailers will provide you with color sample pots that allow you to decide whether or not to go for the full purchase of a select color. Looking at a color in a brochure is one thing, but seeing how it plays with the light in your room is quite simply another. Not only is there much to be said for making sure that you test the decors before you implement it fully, but unfortunately there aren’t that many places in which this is a viable tactic.


Your imagination is your best ally here. Luckily, that is also free. Making wise spending decisions is a matter of concentrating on what you think will work. For example, if you’re really struggling for cash, why not paint only one of the walls with a smaller tin of paint? This can lead to a cool and alternative aesthetic that brings focus to one side of the room and saves you plenty of money.


Free Websites


Many people, in an effort to rid themselves of the belongings they no longer need or want, will make an effort to get rid of these artifacts through free listings. Usually, you are doing them such a convenience by taking the items off their hands that they’ll be glad to see you arrive, and not charge you a penny for the item. This is of course true when the local authorities won’t collect the item, or taking it to the landfill is too much of an ask. People are constantly getting rid of furniture, and depending on the popularity of where you live, you might find more than less of these items. You will only know if you actively search for them – so be sure to make the effort and you never know what you could find.


Keep on top of these tips to decorate a child’s bedroom while spending a fraction of the cost you usually would with less fiscal limitation!

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