Best tips to get online discounts and bonuses 

Saving money at this time of year is vital, Christmas can be gloriously expensive. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offered some great savings on Christmas presents, but still, Christmas is 4 weeks away; the turkey needs buying, as does the tree. 

The expenses seem to mount up during this month, so finding ways to bring in extra cash or get discounts online is imperative. 

But how? 

It isn’t hard, but in the same breath, it isn’t easy – you have to make time to look around for deals and source discounts. 

Cashback Sites 

When shopping online, you can easily get money back if you use a cashback site.  In some instances, it is just getting some pennies back, but on bigger items and contract goods it can be a significant figure. 

General advice to follow when signing up to a Cashback site is: Ensure it is free, you shouldn’t have to pay to use a cashback site.  Avoid any that ask you for a financial commitment. 

Then it is a pretty straightforward process: 

Log in 

Search for the online retailer you wish to purchase from. 

Go shopping! 

If you buy anything, that purchase is tracked, and some money is put in your cashback site account. 

Then you can just let it grow. 

So, make your Christmas shopping pay you back! 

Play wisely 

If you have a gamer in the house, who wiles away the hours playing online video games then ensure you are shopping around for discounts and play bonuses.  Google is a pretty easy place to find online games promotions. Plus, signing up for newsletters on the sites will help direct you to the latest deals and promotions. 

Typically, by signing up to online gaming sites like you are often offered a cash incentive to spend before committing your own cash.  Play wisely and you could end up quid’s in for Christmas. 

More cost saving in the run up to Santa’s arrival. 

Go online to save offline 

Coupons are a wonderful way to save money when you go do your Christmas shop. 

Before heading out to the store, check out the online supermarket magazine and gather together any relevant discounts to hand over at the checkout. 

Ensure you are part of their loyalty scheme and you will get discounts emailed straight to you – easy! 

And of course, search the coupon and voucher sites for anything relevant to your shop! 

So as I said, it isn’t hard or easy, just takes a little bit of time.  But if that time saves money – then surely it is worth investing in! 


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