5 useful tips for your dream wedding

I remember our special day like it was yesterday. It really was such an exciting time, despite the marriage not working out, the day was fabulous.

But, I won’t lie – organising a wedding is not without its stress and fallouts, and I remember quite a few late nights where we were arguing over things like table settings, seating arrangements, flowers and a whole lot of other things.

But that’s also not to say that these things are silly or unimportant. Your wedding is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience (although I am up for a second shot), and attention to detail and putting your stamp on it all part of making it into that unforgettable day for you, your family and your friends.

So, based on my own personal experience, and having spent a lot of time talking about this particular subject, I thought I’d knock together five handy pieces of advice to ensure that your wedding is nothing less than perfect…

  • Think carefully about music and entertainment

It’s a tough one to get right, and I’m sure you’ve been to weddings before where you’re left shaking your head at times. The first thing to consider is the guest list. What type of music would Mom, Dad, the grandparents and the younger guests enjoy, or even tolerate? What’s going to get everyone on the dancefloor early on? Ensure that you have an array of music that appeals to everyone old and young to get them in the mood, and thereafter you can perhaps adapt it to suit the more enthusiastic participants.

  • Get a wedding planner

If you can fit it into the budget, it’s something I would strongly recommend. Or – as a cheaper alternative – even if you just have a ‘coordinator’ on the day itself. The last thing you or the groom want to be worrying about on the day is deliveries coming late, timing of events or any other logistics. Having someone to take care of all the inevitable hiccups will allow you to enjoy the day itself, and confine your worries merely to the butterflies naturally fluttering in your stomach!

  • Be clever with money

It’s staggering to note that the average wedding in the UK costs more than £20,000 these days. I always believe the best weddings are those which have a personal touch, rather than an unlimited budget. Nevertheless, days like these don’t come cheap, and if you need to turn to wedding loans, choose your lender wisely. Price comparison sites give a good idea of the best value providers out there, so, with a bit of research, you can easily get your hands on a loan with an APR of 7% or less.


  • Delegate, delegate, delegate

Do not feel guilty asking your family and friends to help, especially if you have chosen not to make use of a professional wedding planner. Check with all your wedding suppliers to find out exactly where and when everything is happening, draw up a task list, and then delegate jobs to your nearest and dearest. Many hands make light work, and, in the case of weddings, keep stress levels at a minimum.

  • Make things flow

It’s never an easy one, but it can be a bit awkward and unsettling when things are bitty or stop-start during the day, and guests are left wondering what to do next. It’s important to keep the timings of proceedings on cue, which is why it is handy to have a coordinator to take charge of everyone and everything. You also want to factor in two other things: What happens if the weather turns sour? And how should the guests stay entertained while you are both off having photos taken? Making sure things like these are properly planned for will help to keep things flowing.


I’m sure there are many other bits of advice out there to help with weddings – we could probably chat about it all day! If you’re really into it, you can find another 50 tips here. But hopefully these five pointers can be of help to you, and make a bit of a difference to your special day. Just remember to enjoy every second of it!



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