Your workforce is at the heart of your business- and in order to succeed you need talented and driven individuals to perform the daily tasks that keep things ticking over. If you have experienced a drop in productivity, or you just want your business to be as productive as it can be, you will need to address your workforce and snag (and keep) the very best employees. Here are a few things to bear in mind. View Post

Mistake number 1: Don’t buy a house made from Lego!  (source)

The life of a landlord may look easy – buy a property – rent it out – rake in the cash – but it’s not the cash cow you might expect. If this is something you are thinking about, you need to be mindful of the advice we are giving in this article. There are some costly mistakes you need to avoid, and failing to heed them will shatter your dreams of becoming a property millionaire. View Post

For any person, buying their first home is a milestone, and it signals the transition into adulthood, bringing with it things like equity and assets. If you are thinking it might be time to set your foot firmly on the first rung of the property ladder, but are a little hesitant, here are a few signs that will confirm the time has come to make a commitment and buy your first home. View Post

So you’re looking to buy yourself some property? Right now, you may think you know exactly what you want. But the world of property can be a complicated place. It’s not always as simple as deciding to buy a house and going for it. Oh no. You’ve definitely got a lot more options to consider than just that. When it comes to purchasing property as an investment, you then start to open up a whole new can of worms. And when you’re not so well versed in said worms, wouldn’t you like to feel a bit more briefed before you begin? Whether you’re financing this yourself or getting a loan from the bank, you’re going to want to consider your options first. So let’s get started. View Post


Life isn’t always as kind as you may want it to be, unfortunately that’s just the way to world works. However, sometimes it can feel like all that bad luck is happening at the same time, and this can be incredibly stressful for us. Here’s what you need to do if you feel like life just isn’t on your side. View Post