Your focus right now will probably be on getting through a magical Christmas and providing your family with great memories of the festive period this year. There’ll be last minutes gifts to buy and wrap, cards to write and send out, and you’ll have that huge food shop to look forward to at some point (or dread; it could go either way). Therefore, the new year and all it’s going to bring to you and your loved ones might not be at the forefront of your mind. However, if you’ve got major changes happening in 2018; it might e a wise choice to begin the planning process sooner rather than later. View Post

When you’ve got a chunk of money saved up, you won’t see much growth if you leave it sitting in the bank. Investing is the way forward and buying property is one of the best ways to see a good return. Lots of investors are increasingly moving toward investing in property overseas for a number of reasons. The main one is price; the cost of housing is constantly going up and people often can’t afford to buy a house at home, but if you look overseas you can usually find something a lot more affordable. The other benefit is that you’ve got yourself a nice holiday home to use whenever you like which makes your holidays a lot cheaper.

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I think it is a common misconception that you need to be rich to have luxury in your life.  The truth is, you simply need to be savvy and know what you would prefer in your life…

Would you rather go to Nandos fifteen times or go and watch an outstanding opera…

Because according to this new infographic by Olivers Travels, the cost would be the same… View Post

Parents may be only too aware of the effects that raising children can have on their wallets. From increased energy costs to more expensive weekly shops, and from higher transport costs to higher rents or mortgages, every aspect of life is affected financially. It becomes more important than ever when you have a family to look after to be savvy when choosing suppliers or purchasing goods – it’s important to look out for special deals, compare utilities such as gas and electricity prices, and always do some research before signing contracts, whether it’s for a new mobile, broadband provider or energy supplier.  If you use your home as a workplace, ensure you are asking for their best business deals as well….. View Post

Your home could be a money saving paradise, if you just let it be one. Yes, your home has the potential to save you a great amount of money, you just need to untap this potential yourself. To see just how that can be done, make sure to read on. View Post