There’s a pretty common perception in the modern era that the millennial generation is pretty much doomed never to be able to buy their own homes. For the longest time, it was treated as an assumption that you would leave education, get a job, and then buy a house. But thanks to rising house prices combined with the stagnation of most people’s wages, that’s become a much less realistic ambition for many people. But the question is, is it really impossible for millennials to be able to afford homes? Well, unsurprisingly the answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. In reality, it’s closer to something like a “yes, but…” With that in mind, here are some things that can help you afford a home, even when it might seem like that’s impossible. View Post


What are finances? Are they a modern God, a magical ticket to gain the objects of your desires, or a form of energy which keeps the society moving and people tied to carrying out important things which must be done? In truth it doesn’t matter how you define finances on a personal level. You will always need them, and you will always need to practice good financial sense to make them work for you, and no the other way around. View Post

It’s always at this time of the year that we start to think about how we want our futures to look. While some people will focus on their health, and others will set career goals, it’s also a great idea to think more about your finances. Because for many of us, personal finance can be a tough subject. Whether you’re in debt, just making do, or doing okay, you could find that a financial detox is exactly what you need to get yourself into a better position. Even if you’re not bad with money, you may find that this gives your money a bit of a boost. But how should you go about it? View Post

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Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home or buy an additional property as an investment with a view to doing it up and selling it for profit (known in the trade as ‘flipping’) the one core requirement is financing the project.  See, you can find the best investment property there is; but if you don’t have the finances to make it happen – your vision as a property investor will leave you feeling disheartened. View Post

School is great for teaching us everything about history, the world, maths, you name it they teach it. But the one thing they don’t seem to guide us on is the personal financial advice we all need to know in life to get by. There’s so many things you need to know, like money management, how to pay bills, how to budget, the list could go on forever. But we as humans are left to rely on the advice of our parents or just to guess and hope for the best. Which most of us know never goes very well. So, we’ve put together a few essential pieces of advice that should see you go through life a bit better in terms of finances. View Post