I grew up in the north where Dads looked after the boys and Mums took care of the girls but still I idolised my father.  When I close my eyes and dream of youth, I remember cycling along river beds with him, helping him count out pennies in the family store and a beam stretches across my face when I recall him chasing my friends and me in the garden after a hard day at work.

Dads seem to have the ability to make fabulous memories. View Post

Officially I am rubbish at being thrifty, despite best intentions and all that I have failed in the most recent month to make significant cutbacks – I do however have a good tan from my recent exploits in Portugal.  So June is all about starting to take a thrifty life more seriously.  So far I have meal planned, shopped at Aldi and have turned down two invites to go out on the razzle – all counts right? View Post

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The winner, as selected by the promoter, is Jbmumofone, – well done and please send me your email, phone and address so we can get your Amazon vouchers out asap!


Want to win £400 of Amazon vouchers? All you need to do is help me learn how to be thrifty!  (please)

Welcome to my fantastic launch competition in conjunction with Whichoffshore.

To find out why I started this brand new blog have a quick read of my about me page, but to celebrate its grand opening please get involved with an easy way to win £400 of Amazon vouchers.

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All you need to do is tell me your top money saving tips or give me a top thrifty recipe in a blog post and give me one reason why I should be looking into an offshore pension, have a look at Whichoffshore for ideas and please include a link back to their site.


I will be rounding up all the entries into a blog post when the competition ends and I need lots of help in being thrifty so please don’t hold back on your tips!

The competition is live and will end on May 22nd at midnight GMT with the best thrifty tips as judged by Whichoffshore winning £400 in Amazon vouchers!

Quick reminder:

Blog posts must include a link to Whichoffshore and entries must be submitted in the comments on fromspendingtosaving, please tweet your links mentioning @whichoffshore and @janeblackmore and the hashtag #thriftytips

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Hullo *waves*,

Come in, please, grab a cup of tea, biscuits are on the side.

Nice to meet you.

I’m Jane, author of this blog, which I have set up to try and help me control my excessive spending problem.

I do like to spend money, I like to earn it as well but since spending more time at home with my three kids I get less opportunity to make it than I do spend it which is unfortunate predicament to be in.

This blog will hopefully detail some cheaper ways to eat, but I am not promising anything fancy, highlight any deals that I discover on my quest to be thrifty, and it will tell you about any fab days out and cheap ways to entertain the kids.  If I am honest it will also detail my finance disasters and times when I have swerved off the thrifty path…

If you want to know a bit more about why I used to be a spender and how life has turned me into a saver check out the about me page.

Thanks for stopping by.