In today’s well connected world, our mobile plans can feature as a regular expense. Most of us are willing to pay a small fee on a regular basis for the privilege of being able to stay in touch with our loved ones wherever we go.

The trouble is that it’s easy for our phone bills to get out of hand if we’re not careful. With so much on offer on the market, it can be hard to whittle our bills down.

Here, we take a look at a few things we can do to bag a bargain when it comes to choosing our mobile plan.

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Wait for a deal

Prices fluctuate in the mobile market as much as they do anywhere else. With savings to be made and deals to be snapped up, there’s no sense in being impatient when the time comes to shop for a new plan.

As well as reduction to the price tag, you can expect to find added bonuses to your plan. One such bonus is the double points offer run by Sainsbury’s on their mobile plans. This is part of their winter deal which will upgrade customers from a £10 bundle to a £20 bundle free of charge.

Their double nectar points offer can also help families save as much as £180 – something which the Mobile by Sainsbury’s infographic has discovered is enough to buy a whopping 200 loaves of bread … talk about knowing what side your bread is buttered on!

This is far from the only mobile phone deal on the market though so researching all available options is highly recommended. This article – Christmas 2013: Best Pay As You Go Mobile Phone Offers – might be worth a read if you’re looking for more advice and ideas.

Track your usage

The key to spending as little as possible lies in knowing the amount that you need. It could be worth using your phone freely for a few months and then tracking your usage to see what you rack up.

When you have an idea of the minutes, texts and data which you require, you’ll be well placed to seek a deal which offers you exactly that amount. Tracking extra charges and use should be simple using internet banking. According the BBC, an increasing number of people are already using their phones to check their accounts and this means that this is a change you’ll find easy to make when turning your attention to your mobiles.

Compromise on your handset

The price you pay for a mobile plan can vary astronomically, depending on what you include with the purchase. One of the factors which has the largest sway on the price is the handset which you choose to include in your deal and it may be worth compromising here.

The difference between entry level handsets and those on the cutting edge is considerable – both in terms of spec and price. While there’s no sense in depriving yourself of features which you’d use on a regular basis, it’s true to say that few of us need to be on the cutting edge or own a top-of-the –range flagship model.

Consider sacrificing a few of the latest features and you could well see yourself making a dramatic saving on the price you pay each month for a phone. Ask yourself whether you’d use the features being advertised and consider whether they’re worth the increase in price.

If the answer is no, look at a cheaper, lower grade model or consider opting for refurbished units which are often cheaper to buy. Make sure you check what warranty you get with these though as they may differ from that of a brand new handset.

In assoication with Sainsburys

Christmas can turn from being a fabulous festive holiday into a commercial, over inflated nightmare which leaves your purse empty and January a very long month.
Like any parent I love to give my children things to make them smile and I adore spoiling my nieces, nephews and godchildren.
But I don’t want to break the bank.
So when Sports Direct approached me to take part in their Christmas Challenge, I leapt at the chance.
Look what I got for £50…

An impressive haul, and lots of presents ticked off on my list.

The clock will make Twin Boy’s day, as he is an Arsenal fanatic like his Dad.  The Minnie Mouse set will delight BB and my eldest daughter will love her new cuddly doggy pillow.

How cute are the Hello Kitty headphones (and ear muffs).

So if you are looking for somewhere to get your stocking fillers, I highly recommend you get your skates on and zoom down to Sports Direct and get your mitts on some bargains.

And yes, you are right – you did spot Play Doh in the mix…..

Disclosure: We were gifted the items from Sports Direct for the purpose of this review.

If you are my children don’t read this.
I mean it, turn away now.
Are they gone?


Check out this beauty….

My kids are huge Harry Potter fans and will be ecstatic to find this leaning against the tree come Christmas morning.  And although Santa will claim the credit, we really owe a huge thank you to the company.
They sent the twins this fab bit of Potter magic to hang on their wall and for anyone else looking to treat their kids this Christmas (or grown up relatives) you may want to check out their site.
You can find images from Hollywood like…


You can also purchase beautiful scenic images like this beautiful one of the beach in Cancun, Mexico.

Or go classic, and have a bit of Monet on your wall.

Or go wild and put one of your own images onto canvas.

These make great, really unique presents that can become a focal point in the home.

To deliver something different this Christmas, check out

Staying in and playing with the kids can be expensive if you feel you have to buy the latest games and fill up the cupboards with the latest models of toys.  Adventure can be made without any fuss or spending and I can guarantee the kids will thrive on playing on normal household objects.

Take the humble bed for example.

Indoor trampolining on a naked mattress is one way my kids get their kicks, they can spend hours trying to headbutt the light fitting and I am always met with groans and moans when I announce it is time to make the bed.  However they all manage to disappear quickly when I ask for help to clothe the cushions.

The bed can also be converted into a dark and dangerous den, you can rip the duvet off the mattress and secure it between the bed frame and the wall (radiators come in handy here) Then cushions can be used to block out natural light and books and torches can be smuggled in for secret dentime reading.  Hours can be spent hiding in a cosy corner, creating new rooms, and trying your hand at den interior design, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

The bed can also be used as a ship on an angry ocean.  One foot off the mattress could be eaten by hungry piranhas, and always make sure you steer clear of the whale who hides underneath the frame.  Pirate can jump aboard and challenge you and you can delight in making them walk the plank into the murky depths below.

Making your own adventures in the home costs nothing, you simply need a bed, a mattress and a bit of imagination.

Much better than the latest fad.

This is an advertorial fab