Competition is in the air.

The winter Olympics is all over the TV, and we are feeling patriotic as a family.

However tonight, that all ends.

Tonight we are pitting ourselves against each other and prepare to fight to the death to win our Family Games Night.

That may sound a little harsh but you may not quite realise how competitive my family is, starting with my husband and working down to my youngest child.  The kind folks at TwoLittleFleas have challenged my brood to put down the phones and the tablets and engage in a great British tradition of board games.

Tonight is the night.

Let me introduce you to the contenders.

My son: possibly the most forcefully competitive amongst us, he looks angelic but this child has a flaw.  He cannot lose, it is the worse feeling in the world for him and he will do anything in his power to avoid it.  Top games include: Snakes & Ladders and Junior Pictionary.



The girl, my eldest daughter.  Known for her determined nature and inability to accept defeat.  She rates herself as the queen of Ludo and is a demon at Snap.  My advice is: don’t cross her….




She looks like a cutie pie, but this child has no respect for the rules, determined to win at all costs and too little to really comprehend the concept of most games she cheats until victory is hers.  Best games are Hide and Seek Peppa Pig and Moshi Monster Matching.


Look at that face, it means business, the children inherited their competitive streak from this man, he is not to be underestimated.  Preferred games are Scrabble and Black Jack.






My competitive brood, and of course myself, I really just join in for the fun, I don’t mind if I win or lose, although I do normally win.

And boy, I like how it feels when I win.

So the challenge…

We are embarking on a game of Snap to warm up the competitive genes and then a game of Monopoly first, I fear Scrabble may be a step too far for the children as linguistically the small one can’t read and the big one (Daddy) is a poor speller.

We have chips and dips, and a huge chocolate bar for the winner (me).

It could get messy….

Bring it on.

Many thanks to twolittlefleas for helping out with some family bonding time!

The Next Day – Update

Last night was fantastic.

We had so much fun and not one single bout of fisty cuffs.

The winner was my eldest daughter, although don’t tell the small one that as she went to bed under the mistaken belief that she was the champion.  She actually demolished more hotels than she built.  My son took the defeat gracefully but reminded us for the next hour that he was the reigning victor at Snap.

The best thing about having a night in together was that it didn’t cost anything, but was a great family experience. Proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time with your children, or in this case we didn’t have to spend anything at all.



My postman must question what I do for a living.  He is forever bringing parcels of every shape and size to my door, it is one of the perks of being a blogger, that I get to review some fabulous things and impart my wisdom on the world.

However, I fear the postman may feel I have an over enthusiastic spending finger and am addicted to Amazon and eBay.

I must confess to having a mild blush when my latest parcel arrived, as it is one for grown up eyes only, and I had to sneak it into the bedroom to have a quick look.

It is a massage gel…..

For us adults in the home, obviously.

Made by Durex, Embrace is a duo of sensual pleasure gels, one that gets you all warm and tingly and one that excites the senses.

I giggled like a school girl when I opened it.

I have to confess that I love a massage, it doesn’t have to lead to the act of baby making, in fact more often than not it leads to the act of sleep, but it is a rare occasion that I get a rub down from him indoors.

So the scene was set, I created a mood…..

I set a Mickey Mouse candle burning (it was all I could find) and set some tunes flowing from the iPad.  Convincing the other half that this was work I forced gently cajoled him into giving me a massage.

It was all going quite nicely, my shoulders were losing their tension, I was still awake, and Adele was crooning happily in the background.


Adele faded out and the next song began,

“Postman Pat, Postman Pat,”

Never use iPad shuffle, it will ignore any perfectly good mood creating tunes and leap to the most inappropriate song choice when you least expect it.

In my hurry to rid the room of Pat and his black and white cat, I launched Mickey Mouse and his burning ears across the room as I reached for the iPad.  Then I threw myself from my massage table (read: bed) to blow Mickey out before the house was set ablaze by mine and Pat’s passions.

I then sat on the floor panting for a moment, checking I was alive and the house not on fire.

Then I heard a cheeky little voice call,

“Mummy, why are you and Daddy watching Pat?”

It was at this point that I realised that him indoors had left the room and was happily channel surfing in the lounge.

I settled the small one, turned off the iPad, enjoyed the soft relaxing glow that was settled on my shoulders and joined the other half in the lounge.

“Good stuff, that Embrace,” he muttered whilst draping an arm around my shoulders, “let’s try it again when your mum has got the kids.”

I this that is a cracking plan!

Disclosure: We were commissioned to write about Embrace which retails around £10.95 – not a bad price to pay for a bit of pleasure.  You can find out more at their website and watch a cracking video to show you what this stuff can really do!



Once upon a time, a troublesome three year old got her hands on some Ribena and a napkin…

Click the link to see what happened next…

Vanish Gold is a new super boosted formula from Vanish, it works in 30 seconds (so my daughter informs me) and gets rid of any evidence!

We were commissioned by Vanish for this post, all opinions are Libby-Sues.


Do you dread the sound of the alarm angrily screaming in your ear in a morning.

Does the sleep function work a little too well?

Do you often start the day in a bad mood, jolted from sleep by a buzzer than doesn’t understand the concept of kind?

If so, then boy, have I got the solution for you.

Meet Lumie Bodyclock Go.

The bedside light and alarm that wakes you up in the morning with all the gentleness of a sunrise. Even with birds tweeting if you want the full effect,  and you can win one on the blog today.

The new Lumie Bodyclock Go is an alarm clock which wakes you up naturally with a gradually brightening 30 minute sunrise.  It has a base in science, the light causes your body to ease off production of sleep hormones and increase your cortisol levels to help you get up and go.

You can also use the sunset setting, which works in opposition to the sunrise function, gently preparing you for bed in a peaceful fashion.

The clever clock retails at £74.95, but allows you to arise gently ready to take on the world.

To win one please enter via the rafflecopter and leave a comment telling me why you need a Lumie Bodyclock Go. Additional entries are allowed via social media and liking etc, please see full terms before entering.

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I love working for myself, freelancing suits me, I do my own hours, spend time with the kids and report to no one but myself.

At this moment in time, in my life, it is perfect.

But I do have a dream,

I hanker after being the boss, running a team, creating a successful business.  Perhaps, one day, when the children are a little older, this could become a reality.

I am prepared, I worked in the commercial world long enough to know that running your own business is hard work and requires hours of dedication, I have already started formatting business plans, scribbles in notebooks, that one day will help me start my empire.

I spend hours researching free business tools like Mailchimp, the full suite of Google apps, I know that factoring is a great option for small businesses who are looking to access their cashflow quickly.  Plus as the recession becomes a painful memory, the banks are opening up their lending arms once more to entrepreneurs with a strong business plan.

I have an idea for a business, I am not looking to re invent the wheel, it is a sound business service that I think will take off, once I have the time to commit to it.  Really, that is what I need more than anything, time to get going.

I have seen many small business fail because the owner simply didn’t anticipate how much energy would be needed to make it a success.  I feel my background in sales has prepared me well to roll up my sleeves and work my backside off.

But as I said, the kids have to grow a little first.

But I want the world to know I have aspirations, I still have ideas, and when I get that precious gift of time, I will start flying once more.

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