Today was a rare occasion, I was alone with just the two girls.  My three-year old and my eight year old.  So we grabbed our Merlin passes and leapt in the car and headed to Legoland.

Living so locally to such a great attraction means we are well acquainted with the theme park and we know where all our favourite rides are.

For the thrill seekers, head to The Dragon’s Kingdom and ride the mighty Dragon.  My youngest has just reached the height for this ride and she squealed half in fear and half in pleasure as we flew through the air.

My eldest has a ‘thing’ for water rides, and the rapids were calling to her from the moment we entered the park.  Being sensible, I insisted we wait until the end before we went for a soaking – and we were not disappointed (I could wring out my shirt!)

It was odd being a three instead of a four but so much easier!

A fab day out!

I am always looking for new ways to save money in easy ways.

One of our biggest expenses as a family is food. With five of us to feed, and all of us with large appetites it can be expensive. Really expensive if you take my love of steak into account…

But I have found a solution.


Not heard of it?

Then grab a cuppa and a rich tea and let me explain and give you the tools to reduce your monthly shopping bill (significantly).

MySupermarket ‘s sole purpose in life is to reduce how much we spend on our weekly groceries and to save us busy people a bit of time as well. By using the mobile app – mySuperList – you can compare shopping prices on the go, from home and even in store. Plus they have some additional funky features as well to help shoppers save their hard earned pennies.

Want to know more?

Let me tell you about the scanning feature.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can scan any food, anywhere. So pluck a can of beans out of your cupboard or browse the shopping aisles, mobile in hand.

Simply scan, and mySuperlist will highlight the prices across all the stores – showing you the best deals.

If you do this from home you can quickly build your shopping list, scan the item, add it to your list, check out the best deals and rest assured you won’t forget to buy it ever again.

Perfect for the scatty minded amongst us!

Swap and Save

mySuperList also gives you the opportunity to check out deals and see if they are as good as the appear to be.

Again, by scanning the item you can see if there is a better deal available. For example – you may want to purchase one can of tasty baked beans but there could be a cracking deal on if you purchase a multi pack of four.

You can scan, find out, then simply swap and save!

Clever eh!


With mySuperList you can take your list in store or send it straight to an online site. By shopping online you can access nine stores in one go! That saves a fair bit of time hunting around for the best deals.

These are only some of the features of mySuperList, you can also have price alerts, cash back and savvy buys.

The average Joe saves £17 a shop when they do their shopping through mySupermarket. Over a year that is a humongous saving of £884! – you could go somewhere nice with that, or save it – obviously *cough*. You can find full details on mySupermarket on their site and download the app from iTunes today!

Happy thrifty shopping

In association with mySupermarket


It is amazing what you inherit from your parents, how much they shape your ideas, views and lifestyle choices.  I have inherited a love of sport, a passion for competing and a whole heartfelt love of BMW’s.

Yup, BMW’s.

My father has always driven BMW’s, as a business man he always chose them for his works company cars, he chose them because of their tax efficiency, and low running costs.  I loved to ride in them because of their sheer beauty and smoothness of the ride.

He has had many BMW’s but my favourite are the convertibles.  Dad was truly my best friend when he would take me for a ride along the coast.  Sat in the front of a smooth automobile, listening to classic tunes of the 70’s, top down on the car, the sound of the sea seeping into the car.

There was no place I would rather be.  I was a proper Daddy girl.

It was out driving with Dad, or riding our bikes that we would talk about most things.  Not all things obviously, there are some things that teenage girls don’t need to share with their fathers.  But Dad would give me life advice, advice that I still carry in my heart to this day.

I live by the motto that if you have a problem that money can solve then you don’t have a problem.  That is one of Dad’s favourite sayings and it has seen me well over the last few years.

So whenever I see a BMW cruising along the road, it means more to me that just engine parts and metal.  It throws me back to my youth, singing along to groovy tunes, just enjoying being me, with my dad.

And he still drives a Beemer.

In association with BMW

Our house is really quiet at the moment, my youngest is away with her Nanny for the week.  It feels like the place is empty, and we can’t wait to get her back.

And oh boy, do I have a treat for her when she returns.

Look at this beautiful box of hidden treasures.

The fabulous high street jeweler, Goldsmiths, has launched a new range of Little Wishes, beautiful jewelry that is just for kids.

Now my small one loves to be like a grown up, and her plastic necklaces and bangles frustrate her – because they are not like what mummy wears!  So she is going to be delighted when she has a little peek inside this box.

The Little Wishes range stock gorgeous necklaces, lockets, silver bracelets.  They have everything to make a little girl feel really special.

They don’t break the bank either, prices start from £29 for a charm bracelet and then you can add charms on as you go – perhaps as treats for birthdays or Christmas?

You can pick up a pair of stunning pearl earings for your pre teen or teen at a great price of £19.

So do you want to know what is in the box?

Oh, go on then….

Isn’t it stunning!

She is going to love it!

Watch this space…..

Recently we were invited to Blackpool to stay at the fabulous Cliffs Hotel for the weekend.  As a child I spent many a fabulous summer in Blackpool staying with my Aunt, and I was keen to share some of the things I used to love with my own children.

We headed straight for Blackpool Tower, I figured the best way for the kids to ‘see’ Blackpool was from the highest point and they were so excited about climbing the huge metal structure that dominates the seaside skyline.

The Tower has had a bit of a face lift since my last visit, some twenty years past….

It is a true oasis of fun, discovery and sightseeing.

Starting at the bottom you can treat the children to a soft play session in the enormous Jungle Jims, it was closed on the day we visited, so we headed straight on to the world of strictly come dancing.

The Tower Ballroom is magnificent, filled with intricate detail, stunning artwork and decoration and still very much in use.  As we stood and marvelled on the sidelines, dancing couples took to the floor and whirled and waltzed around the enormous dance floor.  They made the quick step look effortless, and enchanted BB so much that she dragged me onto the shining floor to join them.

I now know the quick step is not easy – certainly with a three year old in tow; but hey, we gave it a good shot!

Leaving the ballroom, our journey continued upwards, heading towards the steel girders, preparing to ride the lift to the top of the Tower.

But first we enjoyed a 4D experience of the history of the Tower, (do you know it takes 7 years to paint it!)  The kids laughed, clapped, and wiped away water as they learnt the history of Blackpool Tower before they got to ride up it.

Then off we went…

Climbing into a small box of a lift, that didn’t seem to have changed in twenty years; we took off at a pace.  Passing workmen who are still giving the Tower some tender loving care, and onwards to the top, until we finally arrived, some sixty seconds later.

Even on a stormy day we could see the sea spreading out towards the angry sky, the bright lights of numerous arcades glittered below us, and sea gulls surfed around us.

The kids were mesmerised and leapt onto the final staircase which took us even higher.  They didn’t even show an ounce of fear as they walked on the thick glass that gives a view straight down and they skipped excitedly around the sides of the Tower, choosing from a height what they wanted to do next.

It was a great start to the holiday, and we were loathe to leave the Tower, but very excited to go and check out our Hotel on the promenade.

We were invited to Blackpool for the purpose of reviewing The Cliffs Hotel, to find out more about that experience please follow this link.