Some things can easily evoke a sense of nostalgia in me.  The sight of black jacks in the sweet shop remind me of running up northern streets with a darkened tongue, playing with all my might.

Skipping ropes make me want to stay out after dark jumping in time to a chant, and whenever the Goonies comes on, I grab the cashew nuts and sit myself down in front of the screen for 90 minutes.

And Tom and Jerry – the beautifully politically incorrect tales of a mouse bettering a feline on a day to day basis.  I love it, and have turned my children into mini addicts too.


And Tom and Jerry are back!

In the new Tom and Jerry Show.

It still harks familiarity to the original which means I still adore it.


Some Tom and Jerry facts for you died hard cat and mouse loving fans

Tom and Jerry are the proud owners of 7 Academy Awards.

There has never been a drop of blood shed in the original cartoon series (to my knowledge).

The cartoon was created in 1940 – so way before my time.

Tom was originally called Jasper and Jerry was the mouse without a name.



The new show is belting, myself and my three children are glued to Boomerang on Saturday mornings at 9am, and often we are all found chortling with laughter.  It is one of my favourite times of the week.

Disclosure: We were asked to review the new series and sent a promotional disc and goodies.




The idea Paleo seems a bit baffling at first, and certainly since I announced my dietary change, I have been asked many a time ‘what do you eat?’.

The answer is easy, simple, clean food.

This week, Morrison’s asked me to shop and eat – two of my very favourite things to do in life, and they sent us £80’s worth of vouchers to do the job.  So I thought I would seize the opportunity and give you an insight into how you chow down on a Paleo lifestyle.

£80 goes a long way in Morrison’s, especially with their new cheaper, reduced prices, which are here to stay!  When you are in store, look for the yellow stickers which cry out ‘I’m Cheaper’, and you will know those low prices are here to stay

I went into store with the plan of just buying food for the weekend, but found the money to stretch to almost a full weekly shop.  Which isn’t bad considering I eat only Paleo diet, so only free range, organic meat and absolutely no processed food.

So our Morrisons funded Paleo week looked something like this:


Roast Chicken with all the trimmings, (the peas aren’t paleo – they were a tiny little cheat!)

Roast Chicken Morrisons


Tuna Nicose

Tuna Nicose


Lemon & Lime Chicken thighs on a bed of roasted pepper and onion.

Lemon and Lime Chicken


Onion, Mushroom, tomato and sundried tomato three egg omelette.



Pork Loin steaks, sweet potato, and roasted pepper, mushroom and onion

Pork loin

Thanks to the I’m Cheaper range, we even stocked up on ham and eggs for those breakfast essentials. Our shop also included scrumptious packed lunches for the kids every day and salads for me!

We spent £87 in total, feeding a (hungry) family of five for a week on some lovely nutritious, paleo meals.  Needless to say, we are loving the new everyday prices from Morrison’s.  We still have Gammon for tonight and Fahitas for tomorrow!

You can find out more about the I’m Cheaper range from Morrisons by clicking this link.





Handbag sized perfume.

Simply a genius invention.

I am due to go on holiday in a couple of weeks and have been looking at ways to keep my luggage costs down and my bags light.  One thing I have always refused to scrimp on is good quality perfume.

I like to smell nice.

I am a huge Ted Baker fan, I have their bags, purses, and some well worn tops.  Admittedly they are not thrifty purchases, but the quality means they last a long time and are worth the price you pay.

I was recently sent a 10ml bottle of Ted Baker ‘Little Treats’ Cate.

Ted Baker

It fits perfectly in my handbag – and in my travel luggage and smells divine.

The scent is peachy under laid with a wooden base, even the other half said I smelt nice!

It is definitely on my list of possible presents for girlfriends, and of course it is coming to France with me!

Oh la lal



I live for holidays, it is safe to say that time away from home is my motivator for just about everything. However, holidays can be a costly hobby, certainly if you take my favourite type that involve climbing onto an plane.  So when we are away we still try and save the pennies so we can get away more than once in the year. Recently we have been introduced to dealchecker, who have put together an incredible guide on how to save money on your jollies. SAM_0608Simple and sensible tips such as visit the library before going away rather than the overpriced airport book store and advise on car hire and insurance.  This guide covers all the advice you can need for watching the euros when abroad but not sacrificing the fun. Of course it doesn’t just apply to holidays abroad, there is a whole section on holidaying at home with links to some great sites full of ideas for jam packed holiday trips out. The guide has been produced with the support of blogger experts (some of my very best friends), who speak from real life experience as parents, I can highly recommend that you give it a read if you are planning on getting away this summer and want to keep your costs down.

The ultimate guide to saving money on holiday from

Written in conjunction with Dealchecker


It is that time of year again, when Great Britain gets a chance to celebrate being fantastic.  The weather looks like it may behave itself and there are some fabulous events being held up and down the country for you to check out.

It is of course, St Georges Day!

What’s on in the South

Fancy trying your hand at a great British sport?  Then pop along to the WCA St Georges Day Clay Pidgeon Shoot being held in Hedgerley.

You can join me and celebrate with The Good Pub Guide and simply head down to your local and raise a glass to good old blightly.

Or support your local Scount and Beaver huts and watch some of the fabulous parades taking place.

Further North

If you are lucky enough to live near Lytham St Annes then you need to check out the St George’s Day Festival taking place.   They are really getting into the swing of things and are hosting a week long set of events to mark the occasion.

The idea is the brainchild of David Haythornthwaite, founder of Lytham based Tangerine Group, David is known locally for his passion for all things English, and once again, for the sixth year in a row, he is giving his 120 staff a day off on full pay, in recognition of St George and is calling upon all businesses in England to follow suit.

David Haythornthwaite commented: “Most countries are proud to celebrate their heritage but, in England, we seem too reserved to do so.’

Clearly David wants to see a change to this!

So if you are near St Annes you may want to check out on of these events taking place:

23 April – Official raising of the flag

24 April – Tea Dance

24 April – Charity Golf Tournament

24 April – Comedy night

25 April – St George’s Day Lunch

26 April – St George’s Day Parade

26 April – Black tie gala dinner

27 April – Family fun day

27 April – 10K run

Full details can be found on the website:

Other ideas

If you don’t want to join in a group event, then simply be British, celebrate what makes us a wonderful nation.

Make a brew, eat fish n’chips, even catch up on Eastenders – it all counts!

Happy St Georges Day!