Students exist in families all across the globe, and if you have a teen, chances are you’re sending them off soon to fulfill their dreams. However, there’s a lot of steps between now and then which they’re going to have navigate as expertly as they can, relying on your guidance to keep them on the straight and narrow. View Post

We all love the leisurely side to our gardens; kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the sun on those rare British summer days. But when it comes to finding the time and money to maintain it, we’re not so keen. Often neglected, the garden tends to be thought of as the least important area of the home. However, as the first impression for our guests, do we really want to greet them with an overhaul of weeds and overgrown grass? Thought not – so how can we save money on maintenance? View Post

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Like most animals, humans find it much easier to complete tasks if they know they will feel good at the end of it. Whether this is being satisfied with the results, or enjoying a reward which comes along with it, it’s important to feel like you’re getting something out of your work. View Post

If you run your own business you know the difficult balance that all entrepreneurs must maintain. First of all, it’s their duty to oversee the daily operations with tireless scrutiny ensuring that every facet of the business is working as it should in accordance with their mission statement. View Post


A roof over your head is up there in the list of the most important investments you’ll make in your life, so it is natural you’ll want to invest in something that is going to meet all your current and future needs. However, if you are currently weighing up the prospect of buying a smaller home to get on the property ladder early, and waiting it out for your dream home, the former could be your smarter move. View Post