Updating your IT Skills the Right Way

As a technology professional, you will be acutely aware of the pace of change within your industry. You are probably already aware that if you want to remain in employment you need to keep pace with that change, which means keeping your qualifications current and broadening your skills base. This is difficult to do when […]

Simple ways to care for your children’s teeth

All my three children have had an aversion to teeth cleaning from an early age.  My eldest son used to nibble on my fingers rather than the brush as a baby, and his twin sister declared every form of toothpaste that entered her mouth as disgusting. Dental hygiene became a battling point when they were […]

Thrifty Pampering

There are lots of things that I enjoy doing that don’t always fall into a thrifty lifestyle.  Shopping being one of them, nights out being another, and pampering myself being a third. However I am always on the hunt for ways to do what I love at a fraction of the cost. For example, this […]

Financial disputes with friends – how to avoid

We all know how horrible it feels when you are financially stretched.  It is hard enough in a relationship with a spouse when you argue about cash flow.  But have you ever been in the predicament where you have fallen out with a friend over finances? This latest report from Scottish Friendly shows that a massive […]

Lovesales: A simply genius idea

This one is for all the dedicated shoppers out there who like to save but still buy new clothes. I know it sounds like an impossible dream…. But it isn’t… This week I found out about Lovesales, an absolutly belting website, that allows me to both spend and save…. In short, what the site does […]

Worlds Apart: The final touches of magic….

Creating the perfect bedroom for my youngest daughter has taken a fair bit of time.She wanted something magical, something that reflected her desire to be a princess…And this is what we gave her… Next came a fairy tale bed, with disney sheets to continue the theme.  Her reaction was amazing, she has never fought to […]

Protecting your future with Fscs

My journey from spending to saving has been bumpy, as readers of this blog will know. But over the last couple of years I have learnt some lessons, certainly as we have traveled through a recession and back again. I have a savings account, the kids have saving accounts. None of them have a fortune […]

Saving pennies with school dinners

My tiny little four year old starts school in a week. It seems almost ridiculous, it was literally seconds ago that I held her to my breast and fed her for the first tme after she made my world so much brighter by arriving in it. I have so little inclination to send her into […]

Poetry as inspired by rockets

It is two weeks till the end of the school holidays, My brain hurts from trying to keep the kids occupied in lots of ways. We have loom banded enough to decorate our arms for weeks. The paddling pool is exhausted and full of leaks.   So what to do as the days go by. […]

Life after turning thrifty

Trying to live a leaner life never sounder appealing. In fact when I gave up full time employment to look after the kids and their magical mystery box of illnesses I dreaded the thought of coupon cutting and eBay shopping.But looking back over the last year, it really has not been so bad,True, we are […]