We have all heard of payday loans, and certainly as someone who has struggled with finances in the past, they have been an idea I have entertained.  Yet I have worried about the repayments and some of the press and had concerns.

Hence why I wanted to explore more into the topic and see – are Payday loans, a good or a bad thing?#


How they work

The Vivus website explains the concept well,  payday loans are all about helping someone manage a short term financial need.  The loan provider will lend you a small amount of money which needs to be repaid when you get paid.

It is a high cost short term credit agreement, which Vivus is keen to highlight, it shouldn’t be used for long term borrowing over a long period.

Difference between a short and long term loan


Payday loans are very different to long term loans that we take out on our house or car.  It is only sutiable for a short term.  In stories where people have used them successfully it has been because they have had outstanding bills which should payment not be met the fees would be higher than interest on the loan.


You should always know that you have the funds coming in order to meet the terms of the loan.

The bad press seems to originate from third party lenders and in situations where people have taken desperate action knowing that they would struggle to make the actual repayment.

You need to make your own decision and read the terms carefully, again Vivus do a great guide so you can go into the agreement with your eyes wide open.

Have you ever taken a payday loan?  How was the experience for you?


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Flyers are a highly effective and low-cost way of getting people’s attention in what can be a very busy marketplace. To help you even more, though, here are some easy tips to really make your flyers do the job.

Use a memorable, easy-to-scan headline

You need to catch people’s eyes with some well-chosen, impactful words – “easy”, “free”, “time-short”, “bonus”, “two-for-one” and “you can” are among the best phrases to use for the maximum effect on busy eyes.

Employ colourful and unusual graphics 

Using one big image works better than using several smaller, possibly disparate, images. A single image creates a mood, sets a scene and tells a story. It’s a focal point and it encourages the reader to find out more. There are many stock photos and images online, so take your time to find the right ones. Additionally, you should make sure you use the best quality paper and inks you can find here, as it’s important.


Sell the benefits of your event, product or service

Readers will want to know what’s in it for them, so tell them. Address them directly, using “your” and “you”. Don’t use “we”, “my” or “our”. Stay sharp and to the point, using the big-gun words like “free”, “save”, “new” and so on. Avoid long paragraphs, interspersing them with sub-headings and bullet points, as well as box-outs and side panels.

Try case studies and endorsements

Happy customers inspire confidence in prospective and new clients. Don’t just go for anonymous sound-bites, though, go into as much detail as possible. Also, be sure to include the company name and contact details of the satisfied customer.

Get organised

Use boxes, bullet points and different colours in your flyer – a huge wall of monotonous-looking text is very off-putting and readers will find it hard to extract the information you want to get across to them. Use white space and lead the eye to where you want it to go.

Make your points stand out

Use bold or italics, but never use caps lock as it looks shouty and unprofessional.

Keep things simple

Use a maximum of two typefaces and use grids, too. Make sure everything is aligned to the grid and remember your margins – at least 0.5” margins on all sides.

Proofread – at least once

Have a look over your text yourself, then leave it overnight, have another look, then ask a friend. Try the phone numbers to make sure they’re right, try out the URL to make sure it works and avoid common SPG mistakes.

If money is tight…

Use brightly-coloured or unusual paper and black ink, maybe with grey shading and contrasting backgrounds.

Offer a deep discount or a time-limited freebie 

Use the bottom quarter of the flyer as a coupon, but make sure the conditions and deadlines are stated clearly. If it’s a coupon that people have to hand or post in, make sure all the information fields are visible and accurate – postal address, space for card details and so on.

No-one’s asking you to change the world with your flyers – just use these tried-and-tested methods to make your marketing work for you.


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Staying true to your thrifty self, but also wearing lovely clothes can be a tricky compromise.

I want to save money but this doesn’t quell my desire for nice things and that includes my wardrobe.

So I have sought out 5 ways to allow you to hit the shops and still have money left in your pocket.

5 Ways to go shopping and spend less.

  1. Clean out.

Usually buying new clothes means you have got bored of your old.  So before you even hit the shops, give your cashflow a boost by getting some of your old threads on eBay and making some pennies first.

2. Hit the charity shops.

It is cliche, but people give away some fantastic stuff to charity shops.  All you have to do is be prepared to hunt.  I have managed to identify a couple of great local charity shops that stock a couple of my favourite brands.  I don’t know who donates the clothes, but I sure am thankful.

3. Lovethesales

If you want designer clothes, fresh off the rack, then make sure you wait for the sales. Or you can head online to Lovethesales and see which of your favourite brands have great discounts available.

The Boden sale recently caught my eye, and all of these items have a 30% discount on at present.


Lovethesales offer discounts at some fab designer brands and are a great way to get your fashion fresh but at cheaper prices.

Just as I like it!

4. Shop out of season

Deals are often found when one season transfers to the next, so shopping out of season can net you some great deals.  It is also an incentive to maintain your waistline when you have a brand new wardrobe waiting for you when the weather changes.

Happy Shopping.


I had cause to check my credit rating this week.  I’ll be honest I have always just presumed it would be good.  I pay my rent on time, clear my credit cards, and have a small loan.  I couldn’t imagine a reason to have a less than excellent rating.

So imagine my surprise when I found that actually my score is average to good, rather than the Ofsted Outstanding I was hoping for.


Because I forgot to pay my Next bill a couple of times a couple of years ago.  I didn’t intentionally mean to not pay, I just forgot.  Foolish yes, result of not enough money, no.



So imagine if you did fall into some financial strife causing you to miss a few payments, suddenly I can see how easy it would be to have a poor credit score.

What are your options?

If you have poor credit I would instantly start to look at ways to improve on that.  You can check your credit score at Experian, or Noodle, and see how you fare.

Quick ways to improve poor credit include:

  • Get on the electoral roll – small thing but it helps
  • Cancel any unused credit cards
  • Ensure you make at least the minimum payment every month on outstanding debts, missed payments cause poor credit.

If you still need credit?

All is not lost, there are still firms who will lend you money if needed.  For example, MoneyBarn, who I am working with currently, offer car finance, but look outside of your credit score.   They look at the car you want to buy and the amount of deposit you can put down, then they look at affordability, and they look a credit score – but try and understand the reasons behind any poor credit instances.


You will find similiar companies who can offer support, but ensure you look at their terms and conditions and the amount you will be repaying.

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