Thrifty Holidays: London Town

The summer holidays are upon us and it is challenging to be thrifty when the children are constantly around.

This weekend, my children wanted to go to London which can often end up being very expensive.

However, I agreed, on the promise that all I would spend would be my train fare…

Top Tips

Before going on any day out make an elaborate packed lunch, taking treats and snacks to keep everyone going.

Make sure you pack enough water.  In London you can end up paying in excess of £2 for a bottle of water.  I prefer the free stuff that comes from my tap.

Sightseeing in London on a Budget.

What to see.

The Southbank is one of my absolute favourite places.  It lights up during the day with outstanding street performances, a book sale to tempt any literary lover and it even offers a sandpit.

We have been known to spend days wandering on Southbank, finding new (free) things to explore and sometimes just people watching in the sun.

Princess Diana’s Playground

Whereever we are, my kids can always spot a park from a mile away.  They all love swinging through the air, battling imaginary pirates on ships and generally having fun.  This weekend was no different, they swarmed into the playground and whooped with delight as they each found some equipment.

The playground is beautiful, set in rare London greenery and is restricted on numbers so do get there early.

Changing of the Guard

You cannot get more London than this.  All of my three children were captivated by the process of changing the guard.

They posed for photos, chuckled at the horses and watched on in wonder at the intricate parade.

And it didn’t cost me a penny.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

We ate lunch near the Houses of Parliament in a small, shaded square.  I told stories of Guy Fawkes and we Googled the history of Big Ben.

It was a history and fine dining experience rolled into one.

And again, it cost me nothing!

We had such a good day for the price of a train ticket that we have sworn to do it again.  It would seem our capital is not that expensive for mothers and kids!


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