Things to do in Cornwall: Holywell Bay

What is it?

Holywell Bay is a stunning beach where the sea throws out some great waves for boarding and the small town offers a glorious village pub and small store.  Half a mile up hill from the town centre you can take the children to Holywell Bay Fun Park.

I have to be honest, at first glance I shuddered.  It looked like a stationary fair ground and I presumed it would be waiting to eat my money.

We went to reception which said we could pay as we play.  So we could pay for each ride as we went on, in all honesty this looked pricey, the average cost being £3.00 a ride.  With three kids in tow I could see my money disappearing swiftly.  My other half paled.

Then we saw they had a wrist band option, for children over 1.2 they suggested the every ride band which was £19.75 and for under 1.2 they suggested we purchased a cheaper band for £8.75. This band gave access to 80% of the rides.

The woman behind the till was incredible helpful, she suggested based on the kids ages (7,7, and 3) the cheaper bands would be better.  She also explained that as parents we could accompany the kids on any rides without paying.

Suddenly the day was being priced at under £27 for the five of us.

I perked up!

The ‘rides’ included a super 18 hole crazy golf which was themed around the great sites of Cornwall.  Small trampolines and bouncy castles sent my pre schooler into happy land.  The kiddy karts were great fun even though my heart lurched everytime my smallest crashed into a barrier.

Once inside the park I changed my initial impression of it looking like a stationary fun fair.  It was clean, the staff were incredibly helpful, good natured and interacted with the kids fantastically.  There were no queues and the views over the bay were exceptional.

Plus it was excellent value for money and the children loved it.

The best bits

The star cars were great fun.  Myself and the husband got to race around a track with the kids in tow.

The crazy golf course was excellent, and we were all able to play.

Merlins Maze was very cool, the children delighted in carefully treading over the dragons back and finally trying to wrench the sword from the stone.

Value for money

We stayed for longer than expected. The golf course took an hour to navigate and the kids had repeated turns on the bungee trampolines and water zorbing.  We had a great fun filled afternoon which was an unexpected pleasure and was a perfectly reasonable cost.

Our verdict

Great place to spend a windy afternoon in Cornwall.


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