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If I told you I was going to write a blog post about a really cheap holiday, I bet you would never think that I would write about skiing. That’s because so many families think that skiing trips are so expensive and are specifically aimed at well-heeled holidaymakers. Well, that really isn’t the case these days! In fact, you can now find some really cheap deals when you are looking to book a ski trip.

If you follow these great tips, you will find it ever so easy to take your family skiing on a budget!

Go In The Low Season

If you don’t have kids, it’s easy to travel at off-peak times as you aren’t restricted to travelling during school holidays. But don’t worry if you do have children, as there are still a couple of low seasons during the holidays. For instance, Christmas and Easter are quiet periods on the slopes. Just bear in mind that the weather will start to warm up towards Easter time, you will be better off visiting a high-altitude ski resort where there is still lots of snow.


Take Your Car

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, it is now very easy to drive to the French Alps. If you don’t mind a long road trip, driving to Andorra ski holidays is also possible. You will find that driving will work out a lot more affordable than buying return flights for all your family, even when you take the price of petrol into consideration. Not only that, though, but driving gives you the chance to take even more luggage!

Choose Self-Catered Accommodation

Self-Catered villas and apartments always work out cheaper than booking into a hotel. You’ll be able to cook your evening meals to save some money but, whenever you get sick of cooking after a day on the slopes, you’ll also be close to restaurants and take away shops. So, you’ll be able to spend as little or as much as you want!



Make Sure Your Skiing Gear Is Included

You will find that if you book a skiing package, your gear rental and lift passes are included in the price. Booking a holiday in this way will work out considerably cheaper as renting out skis, waterproof clothing, and helmets can be very expensive when you rent them straight from the store.

Stay In A Less Fashionable Area

Every ski resort will have its fashionable areas where all the five-star and expensive hotels are. Thankfully, they will also have some areas that aren’t quite as fashionable and sought after. It’s in these villages and neighbourhoods where you will find the cheapest accommodation. It’s not only the accommodation that will be super cheap, though, as you’ll also find the nearby supermarkets, bars and restaurants will also feature much more reasonable prices.

So, as you can see, going away on a ski trip doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It’ll be affordable enough so you can take your family with you on a very memorable holiday!


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