Singapore Success: Relocating Your Family For A Fresh Start

Your focus right now will probably be on getting through a magical Christmas and providing your family with great memories of the festive period this year. There’ll be last minutes gifts to buy and wrap, cards to write and send out, and you’ll have that huge food shop to look forward to at some point (or dread; it could go either way). Therefore, the new year and all it’s going to bring to you and your loved ones might not be at the forefront of your mind. However, if you’ve got major changes happening in 2018; it might e a wise choice to begin the planning process sooner rather than later.

New job opportunities for you or your partner can be an exciting prospect, and your little ones will be able to experience a new culture and a fresh way of life. Whether it’s a few months that you’re expected to relocate for, or even longer; you’ll want to get as much under control before you pack up and leave the UK. Christmas is busy enough, but you can still start making your lists and finding your resources before the new year arrives. Having a strong idea of how your lives will change for your time abroad will help to better prepare your family for what to expect, and get the most out of your adventure.

The Far East, and, more specifically, Singapore, has long been a popular destination for many British citizens to go and work. Businesses that have offices over there will have opportunities for their employees to live there, and the salaries are competitive, making it an appealing option for people, and those with young families. There is a growing expat community who relocate to Singapore and save the excess money they earn to utilise when they return to the UK, ensuring that it’s a smart financial decision. Therefore, the following is some information, ideas, and inspiration for soon-to-be expats, who want to get their Singapore experience off to a successful start, make sure their family is on board with all the changes, and make the most of their money in the meantime.

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Finding The Right Accommodation

According to recent surveys; Singapore has now overtaken the once more popular Australia and Canada in the list of countries who offer Brits the best quality of life. Therefore, you should have a spring in your step as you get off the plane. However, you’ll need to skip towards your accommodation so that you can settle into your new Malaysian city lifestyle as soon as possible. It’s worth looking into getting hdb rental and ensuring that you have somewhere affordable and suitable for your family to stay for a long period of time. Many of the rental accommodation properties in the centre, and around, Singapore come fully or partially furnished, making them the ideal place for expats with only their suitcases to live. It will also be a positive element of the process if you’re able to move in straight away and you don’t have to worry about finding furniture, white goods, and somewhere to rest your head after a long flight. Choose a flat or apartment that has enough room for everyone, is clean and well maintained, and is in a location where you can easily access amenities, or grab a bite to eat quickly (nobody wants to deal with hungry and tired kids).

With over 1.5 million non-permanent citizens living in Singapore; you’ll find plenty of help and advice online, before you arrive, on where the best places are to eat, live, and enjoy the city. It’s worth making acquaintances before you arrive so that you have someone to show you around and help you settle into a community quickly when you arrive. Bear in mind that your accommodation will probably be a lot smaller than you and the family are used to. However, the living standards are of high quality, and you’ll end up spending far more time out and about than you would at home. Make sure that you explain the situation to your kids if they’re old enough; you can build up their excitement, and they’ll look forward to a new room and an adventure. You can also reiterate that it’s not forever, but who knows? You might not dream of coming home once you’ve lived there.

As previously mentioned; there is a plethora of information online and advice from expats on where to live in Singapore. Small in size, but huge in personality; the country of Singapore, or the Lion City, will be great for you and your family. Sorting out where you’re going to live early on in the process will allow you to connect with those in a similar area, and work out where your kids will go to school, and how you or your other half are going to get to the office. Check out sites like for more information on the city, and detailed advice on what to expect when you arrive. Getting a better understanding of the transport systems, where you’ll need to shop for supplies, and the areas that are geared towards families are, will ensure that you’ll make a smart judgement on where to rent. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to begin researching so that you can prepare for your Singapore adventure!

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Getting Into The Swing Of A New Family Life

Once you’ve arrived in your new abode, unpacked, and spent your first couple of nights in Singapore; it’s time to begin a new life together for the foreseeable months ahead. Therefore, you can start by contacting any internet acquaintances you may have made and meeting them in real life. It’s often the local knowledge of those who already live there that will be able to point you in the right direction regarding supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, and the transport system. Try and arrive in advance of any days at work or school beginning; this will allow your family to do practice-runs and figure out where they need to go in order to get where they need to be during the week.

Aside from buying all your essentials, like toiletries, food, and cleaning products so that your accommodation begins to feel more like a home; it’s crucial that you get out and about as much as possible when you arrive. You’ll only be able to get your bearings if you venture into Singapore and by taking advantage of what this vibrant destination has to offer. There is a lot of westernisation, so you shouldn’t feel too worried about it being a total culture shock; this can be beneficial for your kids and how they’ll adjust to their new home. By getting out at different points of the day; you’ll be able to understand how the city functions, and when the best times to go shopping or for a walk are. Try not to overdo it in your first week. It can be tempting to do it all straight away, but if people have work and school; you don’t want them to be exhausted when they arrive so that they get off to the best start possible.

If you and the kids begin any relationships with locals and expats; work hard to make an effort with them. An array of friends aren’t just going to show up at your door; therefore, you need to be proactive in invited people over, or out so that you can get to know one another. Encourage your kids to bring friends home for tea, and get to know work colleagues; these people will be able to help you through the inevitable struggles of moving to a completely new environment overseas, so cherish them.

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Enjoying Your New Environment

While it’s important to be in a routine as soon as possible so that everyone in the family can settle into their new way of life; don’t forget that you’re living somewhere so exciting, and with plenty to offer in the way of cuisine, culture, entertainment, and memories. Therefore, make sure you give yourselves a bucket list of things you’d all like to do during your time in Singapore. You can work through some of the attractions during the weekends and any holidays you may have.

Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanical Gardens are perfect for the nature lovers in your family, or you could head to Sentosa for amusements for every age. The country is brimming with attractions that will fill your free time with beautiful sights and plenty of fun. You can check out some of the best things to do in Singapore here and start writing your list and getting excited about your family relocation (and adventure). The popularity of the Lion City should be comforting to you; thousands flock to Singapore each year because it’s so appealing and the quality of life there is so high. Therefore, enjoy the journey and experience, and don’t worry about the unknown; you’re all going to have the time of your lives!



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