Reasons to visit London

London is a fantastic city. It caterings for the young and old, the cultured and the trendy.  It celebrates a rich history than seems to span eternity, and has a nightlife that never sleeps.

I could give you reason after reason to visit London and ideas of places to stay and sights to see.  However this clever guide from HouseTrip is a much clever resource to explore the city by internet.  It showcases all the hot spots in London, identifies places off the beaten track and inspires you to see more of our capital city.

Where to Stay In London Guide by

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This guide create a fabulous impression of our beautiful city.  My top tips are to head to Southbank and embrace the weekend on the River Thames.  You can hear live bands, sample a whole host of foods, hunt for a bargain in the book sale and discover hidden treats at the waters edge.

Cricket Lovers need to head up to Maida Vale to the home of Lords, and shoppers who are lucky enough to not be on a budget should take their credit cards to Knightsbridge.

If the sunny is shining, go for a wander through Hyde Park, stopping to see the iconic Diana’s playground and rest for a moment watching the world go by.

There is no better way to see London than to visit as if you live there.  The tourist spots are great but there is so much more to see and do, and the HouseTrip guide shows you just where to go.



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