Fantastic Reasons To Vacation In The UK This Summer

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Americans have a special relationship with the United Kingdom. From Downton Abbey to the royal family, people in the US love the tradition and pomp and ceremony across the pond. However, the majority of Americans only like what they see because of television. The truth is that most of us have never been or plan on taking a trip across the Atlantic. But, this is a mistake because Great Britain has so much more to offer families this summer. Here are the reasons why the UK is the place to end the summertime for Americans.

The Weather

We all like to bag on the Brits for their crappy weather, but a pleasant climate isn’t all bad. Come on – you have never wished for the temperature to cool down when it’s 100ºF? Of course you have! There is nothing worse than having to stay inside and blast the air con because it is too hot to do anything else. At least in Britain people can go about their day and see the attractions without turning into a puddle. And, for those of you who think it rains all the time, it doesn’t. It can be wet during the summer, but mostly it is cloudy with a chance of sunshine.

Impending Brexit

What’s the best thing about going to Europe? It’s the proximity to all the other cool places on the continent. From London, you are a 30 minute (or half an hour) flight away from Paris. If flying isn’t your thing, you can even get to France via train thanks to the Eurostar. And, “Gay Paree” is the tip of the iceberg as countries such as The Netherlands, Spain, and Germany are less an one hour and thirty-minutes away. Well, they are for now. When Britain leaves the EU for good, they will cease to be part of Europe. Therefore, going from one country to the next and enjoying the sights will be much harder. Damn you, Brussels!

The Food Isn’t Bad

Okay, so bangers and mash and fish and chips might not be your cup of tea. But, the UK is a global place with lots of great restaurants with awesome food. From places to eat in Swansea to London, there are excellent dishes if you are willing to look. For example, Alain Ducasse is at the Dorchester. Also, foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay has an eponymous restaurant in Chelsea. With three Michelin stars each, they aren’t two of the best places to eat in Britain – they are two of the best restaurants in the world. Anyway, McDonald’s and Burger King are franchises available in small towns and cities around the world.

World-Class Festivals

Odds are you know about Glastonbury, the UK’s flagship music festival. Sad to say, it has been and gone for this year. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more British tear ups to tickle your fancy. At the end of this month, Reading and Leeds host, well, the Reading and Leeds fest. You might not know these cities, but Eminem, Muse and Kasabian do as they are headlining this year. If you make it by the 25th of August, you can see them live.

See, there are four great reasons why our relationship is so special!


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