Bath Time Well-Being Tips For To Relax And Pamper Yourself

Coming home from a long hard day at work, sometimes nothing can satisfy you. Your muscles are aching, your bones are clicking in the socket joints, and no matter what but you can’t stop yawning. Very often, if you don’t do something about it, you can carry nervous tension that’s been building up all day, all the way to bed, and that can cause you to have a sleepless night, even though you’re physically exhausted. Many people try to watch television, eat or play with their kids to get their mind off of the stress. However, there’s nothing quite like a bout of your time, completely by yourself, relaxing and pampering in an environment of total privacy. If you’re a beauty fanatic, you’re probably wondering what the best bath time beauty routine is, so here is a gentle guide.

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Aromas that sooth

When you’re stressed your heart rate increases, and you can feel that your breathing is erratic. With the aid of, aromatherapy, your mood changes to hard and unsettled, to soft, calm and gentle. Soothing scents of lavender, summertime wild flowers, lilacs, tropical fruits or cedar wood can open up your nasal cavity, allowing your muscles to relax and breathe deeply. Whether it’s scented candles that burn long and slow or incense sticks, light them five minutes before you get in the bath, and place them away from your towel, somewhere safe in the corner. Diffusers are another option, and much safer as there are versions that are powered by batteries. However the oils that spray up into the air are usually very intense, so be mindful of what scent you choose.

Hair strong is headstrong

When you’re washing your hair, you’re washing away the natural oils that keep the hair bouncy, flexible and able to stand up against the elements like cold and rain. You can learn about the latest trends on, one of which shows that keratin shampoos aren’t just an advertising campaign; they actually work. Keratin’s rising popularity comes from the natural proteins found in the cells of our hair. This protein keeps the hair strong, stops the hair from frizzing and becoming brittle, and retains the elasticity and glow the individual strands.    

Scalp massage

The scalp is a tough layer of skin, that protects the cranium, and harbors the tough roots of the hair on your head as well supplying it with rich doses of oxygenated blood. A waterproof scalp massager is a great way to relax at the end of the day. By simply fitting it onto your hand, you can move at your own pace, and massage your scalp from all angles.

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Face mask


While you’re in the bath, soaking up the soapy water and breathing in the cool calm scents, now is the time is to put on a face mask. A face mask will rub away all the dirt in your pores and mop away the blackheads that have been building. A mask made from natural ingredients like natural ingredients and at home, beats any store-bought product out there. You know exactly what’s going into it, it’s void of chemicals are can be made in no time at all.  


Bath time isn’t just about pampering yourself, so you look good, it’s also about relaxing, so you feel good too. It should also be, about creating an atmosphere with little to no interruptions, and totally customized to your tastes of smells, and products that revitalize your body.

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