A ladies day at Legoland

Today was a rare occasion, I was alone with just the two girls.  My three-year old and my eight year old.  So we grabbed our Merlin passes and leapt in the car and headed to Legoland.

Living so locally to such a great attraction means we are well acquainted with the theme park and we know where all our favourite rides are.

For the thrill seekers, head to The Dragon’s Kingdom and ride the mighty Dragon.  My youngest has just reached the height for this ride and she squealed half in fear and half in pleasure as we flew through the air.

My eldest has a ‘thing’ for water rides, and the rapids were calling to her from the moment we entered the park.  Being sensible, I insisted we wait until the end before we went for a soaking – and we were not disappointed (I could wring out my shirt!)

It was odd being a three instead of a four but so much easier!

A fab day out!


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