Slow Cooker: BBQ Sausage and Beans Recipe

Food is probably one of the things I find easiest to economize on, I adore cooking which sadly doesn’t mean I am any good at it, but I adore it nonetheless.  I am a huge fan of my slow cooker and find it such an ease to pop something on in the morning and then wolf it down ten hours later after smelling it all day weaving through the home.

Slow cooking allows you to use basic ingredients to create a perfectly tasty meal, try this easy recipe for starters…

BBQ Sausage Hotpot & Beans Recipe 

This slow cooker dream works as a winter warmer or a summer bbq treat, put simply it is a meal you can enjoy all year round and it is so simple even the kids could make it.

Ingredients needed to serve 4 (ish)

Can of tomatoes – bought from Aldi  – 35p

2 can’s of baked beans – Aldi – 29p

1 Onion – Aldi – approx 30p

Handful of mushrooms – 69p for a packet

2 packets of sausages – £3.50

Chilli Powder

Worcester Sauce

Mixed herbs

This meal takes about 10 minutes to prepare and if you pop in it the slow cooker for eight hours on medium or ten on low it will taste delicious for your tea!

Simply slice the onion (my kids prefer it chopped into teeny tiny pieces so they can pretend it is not there)

Pop a bit of oil in a frying pan and heat the onion through until it starts to brown, remove them from the heat and throw in the slow cooker and put the sausgaes onto brown for a few minutes.

Add the sausages to the slow cooker and pour in the beans and tomatoes and stir it all together.  If I am not cooking for the kids I add a couple of teaspoons of chilli in, if they are eating I tend to keep it as a light addition.

Add a couple of teaspoons of mixed herbs and a dollop of worcester sauce and the mushrooms, mix it all up and put the lid on and walk away.

Return when the rumbling is too loud to ignore and serve with crusty bread to the whole family!


Carb content (my daughter is Type 1 Diabetic) of a portion is about 15 without the bread.

Cost for the meal is less than a fiver.

 BBQ Sausage Hotpot & Beans Recipe 

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  1. April 30, 2013 / 10:45 am

    Mmmmmmm sounds delicious! I so need to get myself a slow cooker – any tips on the best one to get in your view?

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