5 Time Saving Appliances To Have In Your Kitchen

Kitchens are often the centre of a household, with a front door often leading straight into them. Whether you take immense pride in your cooking skill or don’t really care about what you can throw together for a meal that evening, we all love a good kitchen appliance. Similarly, the practical side of them is incredible: spending time in the kitchen can get boring when you’re there for the millionth time that year, so there’s no harm in cutting down your domestic time. Here is a list of a five recommended kitchen appliances that you should invest in to save time and money in the long run.  


Make Sure You Have A Microwave

The invention of the microwave was a grace for human beings. Microwaves save us a whole lot of time when we’re throwing together a lunch or a quick snack. They warm up our teas when we forget about them, and as a result make life so much easier and practical to approach!

A lot of different models are on the market, so you could just buy the first one you come across and be done with it. You can also use comparison sites such as BestSpy to help you to find the best microwaves, often with cheap deals. This is the number one appliance to have in your kitchen when you move in, and definitely needs to be replaced if it’s been broken.

Buy A Compartment Fridge

This doesn’t only mean you have an easier time sorting all the food you have in your fridge, but you can also find fridges that have a compartment drawer on the outside. This means you can just grab whatever you need for a meal that might be burning, or to quickly add to a packed lunch.

It also gives you an extra element of storage, so your monthly shop can go a little bit further if you want it to. No more squeezing some bits into the freezer when you overestimated for the second or third time!

Buy A Wireless Slow Cooker

If you can control an appliance straight from your phone, cooking up a fancy dinner couldn’t be easier. It also means you can spend more time doing the things you love, or working from home. It even means more time with the kids in front of a cartoon or at the drawing table which would have been otherwise been spent doing some chores.

Slow cookers aren’t used very often in the kitchen due to our fast paced lifestyles, but you can pair the two together when it’s controlled from your mobile.

Buy An Espresso Machine

If you’re the type of person to grab a coffee on your way to work, or to pack your own in travel mug, having an espresso machine can cut this time consuming idea out of your day completely.

Having an espresso maker in your kitchen can often feel a little bit like a lifesaver because of its energy lifting properties. Having a shot of practically pure caffeine in the morning can put you in a great mood for the rest of the day, and takes barely any time so you can have a few extra minutes in bed! No waiting in line or waiting for the kettle to boil as the first step!

Invest In A Soup Maker

Feel like you need more healing and healthy soups in your life? Invest in a soup maker, as you’ll be a lot more likely to start making them due to the easy blend and cooking of all the vegetables. Having a soup maker on your side makes whipping up a lunch so much easier, and often tastier as it properly blends everything together.

If you have leftovers in your fridge, then throwing them in a soup maker reduces waste and saves you money as you won’t be throwing away valuable food that’s still good. Potatoes and vegetables are some of the most overestimated portions we can have on our plates after all. Save them and chop them up, then throw them in the blender with some water and let it simmer away for a while, simple!

So there you have it! A few tips on finding the best appliances to cut down your waiting time, and maximise on your mealtimes. We all want to have to spend less time in the kitchen preparing our food and go straight to the eating, and you can sort of get to that perfect reality with the right appliances.

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