Travelling Friend Finder: You’re Not Alone


Go away on your own, they say. It’s the only way to travel, they say. But, what these people don’t tend to divulge is how hard it is to let go and dive into the deep end head first. It isn’t that you don’t want to go travelling and see the world, but that you are scared. Why? It’s because all of your friends live at home and no one wants to feel lonely. Thankfully, there’s no need to land at the airport and spend the next six months alone as finding friends is easy. All you have to do is consider the following.

Research Hostels

Hotels are luxurious and villas have plenty of space, yet hostels are a traveller’s bread and butter. Simply, refurbished houses with endless amounts of bunk beds are fantastic places to meet new people. There is the fact you have to share a room, which means you will be in close quarters with like minded men and women. Plus, hostels have a party vibe, and nothing brings people together like a couple of cocktails in the courtyard. The key is to research establishments which have excellent entertainment and nightlife. These are the ones which encourage socialisation.

Rent A Flat

If dirty, dingy hostels are not your thing, there is always a flat or an apartment as people call them abroad. Unless you are a millionaire, the odds are low that you can’t afford a place of your own. Therefore, it’s best to surf the web for other poor people who need help with the rent. Not only is finding a flatshare an excellent way to save money, but it also introduces you to a whole range of people. Firstly, there is the person or people that live on the property. Plus, there are their friends and colleagues too.

Get A Job

To quote Offspring, why don’t you get a job? Sure, travelling is a glorified holiday, which means there is no need to compete in the daily rat race. However, an office is an amazing place to socialise with people. And, these men and women who call themselves your colleagues might even ask you out for a drink one night. Before long, you will be a solid member of the clique and an integral member of the organisation. Should an office job not appeal, travellers love to tend bar because of the freedom and social aspect.

Focus On Fitness

Well, let’s face it – everyone could do to get fit after the Christmas holidays. Too much turkey and Celebrations was okay now, but it’s taking its toll now! Don’t worry because a stable regime of healthy eating and exercise will get you back into fighting shape in no time. But, before you pound the pavements at night alone, consider joining a club. Sports clubs are great places to meet people as the majority of sports are team-based. Indeed, lots of people join not for fitness but a cheeky beverage afterwards!

Travelling alone is scary yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you take the plunge, be socially savvy and everything will fall into place.


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