Start of a thrifty life….

Officially I am rubbish at being thrifty, despite best intentions and all that I have failed in the most recent month to make significant cutbacks – I do however have a good tan from my recent exploits in Portugal.  So June is all about starting to take a thrifty life more seriously.  So far I have meal planned, shopped at Aldi and have turned down two invites to go out on the razzle – all counts right?

Plus whilst I lay on the beach, not spending money I hasten to add, I was lucky enough to have some fabulous bloggers enter my recent competition brought to you by Whichoffshore and leave some great posts about saving money.  As I type the entries are bring judged by the sponsoring client but I would recommend you go take a read of some excellent money saving blogs.

JBmumofone wrote a cracking post with 100 simple ways to save money, and it is thanks to her that I popped out and bought herb seeds today and plan on starting my own little herb garden this week.

The delightful Mummy Barrow saved my loo from being my major embarrassment by teaching me to throw cheap cola down it – now I have a toilet bowl that my mother would be proud to sit on!

The awesome money saver Emma from emmaand3 has taught me a whole new use for my bottom drawer – I’ll not tell you what was there before and Laura from tiredmummyoftwo has taught me to stop doing the shopping myself and send my other half, lets hope he doesn’t get distracted in the CD aisle.

Fellow northerner Fran, from Made in the North sings the praises of Aldi, and I am sure she will be pleased to know I am already a convert to this discount store.

Wendy from InsidetheWendyHouse has given me the jolt needed to book a much needed appointment with a Financial Advisor to ensure all my eggs are in the right baskets and my beautiful friend Maggie tries to convert me to crafting with the kids so for the love of god don’t tell her about all the kids clubs we joined in with on holiday!

Hannah gives me garden envy over at her blog Hannah’s Helping Hand whilst passing on cake *nom nom*.   Once I have eaten that I will be able to follow Alex’s, (Food, Food, Food and Paper) advice about not shopping hungry.

Chris from alondontourist shares wisdom on looking for deals before purchasing and I felt a little ashamed when I read Becky’s (babybudgeting) first tip about resisting booking a holiday – sorry Becky!

Lucy from The Parent Game shares valuable advice about teaching your kids the importance of spending and getting them to open junior accounts,  and Lilinha from Lilinha Angel’s World shares a beautiful reciepe for Banana and Chocolate mini-muffins – because they are mini I can have two right?

Holly from Zombie Mama and the Petite Pois gives some great advice on skill exchange – belting idea!

Finally Lisa from The Ultimate Blog of Randomness tries to enourage me to get out my needle and thread and mend rather than replace, whilst I have it out I can also sew on those pesky Beaver and Brownie badges!

What a fantastic round up of thrifty posts, I really have no excuse now to not crack on and save some pennies.

The winner will be announced shortly, watch this space!

Thanks to everyone for taking part!





  1. June 6, 2013 / 6:31 am

    I read a lot of these posts Jane and I thought they were excellent you ought to complie a thrifty wisdome form mums to day book and pop us all in!

    • Jane
      June 6, 2013 / 8:51 pm

      One day Becky…..

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