Preparing Your Wanna-Be Student For Life On Their Own

Students exist in families all across the globe, and if you have a teen, chances are you’re sending them off soon to fulfill their dreams. However, there’s a lot of steps between now and then which they’re going to have navigate as expertly as they can, relying on your guidance to keep them on the straight and narrow.

When it comes to preparing for the life ahead of us, there’s a lot they’re going to have to contend with, and one of the most worrisome parts of that can be money. But that’s not all they’re going to have keep in mind; if you’re looking to prepare your child for the future, here’s some considerations to teach them.


Where to Live

Accommodation is always going to be important, but a lot of the time students don’t know what they’re looking at when it comes to finding a good place to live. Make sure they know what they’re going to need around them in walking distance, as public transport is unreliable and cars sometimes don’t fit down university town roads!

So make sure you see estate agents alongside your child, as this is a good way to steer them in the right direction. If a new flat or apartment has the seal of approval from mum or dad, they’re going to feel a lot more secure when they live there.

Pack Their Boxes with Them

A lot of the time our young ones like to think they can do everything alone, and of course they’re extremely capable, but make sure you’re always on hand to help out. Even pack with them, to make sure they’re including everything they’re going to need, and rely on your own experiences of when you were their age.

If they think they don’t need something, like an old beloved t-shirt or even a stuffed toy, pack it up when they’re not looking. When they’re unboxing in their new place, they might just thank you for giving them a little taste of home to take with them.

Remind them You’re Always Around

When someone is going through a complete upheaval of their life, they’re going to need that important element of stability in their life to keep them as sane as possible. And that’s where you step in! As a parent, you do as much as you can for your child, but still allow them to stand on their own two feet at the same time. So as not to come across overbearing, simply remind them you’re always there for them to come back to.

Talk to them regularly, and make sure you’re always only a phone call away. When you’re as supportive as you can be whilst leaving the decision in your kid’s hands, they’re still going to be as independent as they can be!

If you have someone in your family moving away to university soon, or you know someone who does, make sure they’ve got some good advice on their side. It pays off!

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