Making Saving Much Easier in 2018

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If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year that you’re finally going to knuckle down and start getting serious about saving, but you’re already finding it tough to send a good proportion of your salary off to your savings account instead of spending it, check out these ideas for making saving much easier in 2018:

Track Your Spending

It’s simple, but logging what you spend for at least one month will give you a very good idea where you could make savings, whether that be on expensive coffees in the morning, more clothes than you need, or excessive electricity bills. It’s only when you note it down that you really notice the waste.

Set Up a Direct Debit for Savings

If you want to make the process of saving as painless as possible, set up a direct debit which will immediately deduct the amount you want to save from your account on the day you get paid. When it’s never really been there in your bank account, you don’t really miss it nearly as much – it’s a psychological thing.

Deal with Debts

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It’s really tough to save very much at all when you have debts, and actually, it’s pretty sensible to use your cash to pay off debts that are accruing interest and costing you money, before you start saving more. However, if you do want to get started now, and you have numerous debts, it might be worth looking at getting an online loan to consolidate your existing debts. This should lower the amount of interest you pay and your monthly debt payments, so you can pay it off quicker and start saving more sooner.

Switch to a Better Deal

Using price comparison sites like and is an excellent way to free up more funds for savings by cutting the cost of your existing bills. Since you will be used to parting with a certain amount of cash for your bills every month, you won’t miss the money you save when you add it to your savings account instead.

Set Goals

Setting regular savings-related goals is a great way to increase your motivation and make the process of saving money fun. Goals can be anything from boosting your emergency fund by £2000 this year to putting aside a year’s salary so that you can take a sabbatical and anything in between. Make it fun by treating yourself when you meet a milestone, and it really will be quite easy to keep the momentum up.

Buy a Piggy Bank

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Piggy banks and savings jars aren’t just for kids – anyone can benefit from them, and you’d be surprised by how much you can save in a year when you save all of that spare change you wouldn’t even miss anyway.

Treat Windfalls as Saving Deposits

Whether you’ve got an unexpected bonus from work, your Aunt’s given you a few quid for your birthday, or you’ve had a small win on the premium bonds, instead of blowing your windfalls, treat them as savings – you weren’t expecting them so you won’t miss them – and see how much sooner you meet your saving goals.

Do you have any bright ideas to make saving money easier this year?

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