Dreaming of being the boss….

I love working for myself, freelancing suits me, I do my own hours, spend time with the kids and report to no one but myself.

At this moment in time, in my life, it is perfect.

But I do have a dream,

I hanker after being the boss, running a team, creating a successful business.  Perhaps, one day, when the children are a little older, this could become a reality.

I am prepared, I worked in the commercial world long enough to know that running your own business is hard work and requires hours of dedication, I have already started formatting business plans, scribbles in notebooks, that one day will help me start my empire.

I spend hours researching free business tools like Mailchimp, the full suite of Google apps, I know that factoring is a great option for small businesses who are looking to access their cashflow quickly.  Plus as the recession becomes a painful memory, the banks are opening up their lending arms once more to entrepreneurs with a strong business plan.

I have an idea for a business, I am not looking to re invent the wheel, it is a sound business service that I think will take off, once I have the time to commit to it.  Really, that is what I need more than anything, time to get going.

I have seen many small business fail because the owner simply didn’t anticipate how much energy would be needed to make it a success.  I feel my background in sales has prepared me well to roll up my sleeves and work my backside off.

But as I said, the kids have to grow a little first.

But I want the world to know I have aspirations, I still have ideas, and when I get that precious gift of time, I will start flying once more.

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