What Is The Common Core Of Good Financial Sense?


What are finances? Are they a modern God, a magical ticket to gain the objects of your desires, or a form of energy which keeps the society moving and people tied to carrying out important things which must be done? In truth it doesn’t matter how you define finances on a personal level. You will always need them, and you will always need to practice good financial sense to make them work for you, and no the other way around.

But what even is good financial sense? Can it be boiled down to a select amount of behaviours? Is it a daily routine which everyone must carry out in a perfect and uniform way? Does it require any other form of temperance to act sensibly with them? What even is the common core that people with good financial sense always address?

We have humbly tried to answer these questions in the following article:


The core of good financial sense is split up into multiple parts. One of the most major and important on a daily basis is temperance. Prioritizing your bills such as shelter, food and clothing always comes first. Sometimes, despite being able to afford something, we choose not to to keep that cash reserve. Money is potential, meaning that potential must sometimes be taken advantage of at the correct times.

For example, keeping a solid cash reserve in your savings can help you if an emergency strikes. While that might not seem exciting and like it will increase your asset growth and collection, it can be more valuable than even the newest SUV. Money is security, meaning temperance is the oil that maintains the safety it provides.


If money is potential, then it can yield us a vast amount of possibilities. For this reason, being confident in making investment decisions can be as important as temperance, even though it might seem to be an opposing virtue. For example, finding a zero interest credit card to purchase the items you want can help you lubricate the spending options you’d like to make. When a net return such as building your credit is offered alongside this, you realize the value of making investments at the right times. After all, hoarding money which goes unused for long periods could be considered an arrogant and relatively useless waste of your time.


If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you own your own computer. That also means you possess internet access. That likely means you have the time and freedom to read these tips and apply them. That experience would not have taken place without money and consumerism to drive it. While some financial news seems to be oppressive, and the phrase ‘money is the root of all evil’ come with heavy validity, it’s wrong to be ungrateful of the wonder that well-exercised money usage in the form of potential actualization can have for your life. Put simply, the common core of good financial sense is to respect your finances, and the finances of those around you.

With that attitude, you are sure to behave in an appropriate financial manner.

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