Can you be thrifty and holiday abroad?

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My weakness and biggest extravagance in life is holidays.  I try really hard to be thrifty.  Honestly I do.  I shop in Aldi, I can’t even cope anymore with the choice at Tescos and Waitrose.  I take the car out of gear when driving down hill.  I save coupons, I buy bulk discount.

But I dream of beaches, I fantastise about laying by the pool with a best seller in hand, listening to the happy noises of my children playing in the pool.  When I close my eyes I can feel the sun kissing my face.

For all my new thrifty ways, holidays are something I just don’t seem to be able to live without.

I surf the net in the evening looking for a bargain holiday that I can book without telling the husband.  He asks what I am doing, and I cough, and say ‘working darling’ and he buries himself back in the sports section of BBC news.

I have tried alternatives.  I have tried to camp, but for me, it is simply not relaxing or meets my description of a vacation.  I have had some glorious weekends holidaying in the UK, but still, it doesn’t touch the enjoyment we share as a family when we holiday abroad.

So can I be thrifty and still journey abroad?

This is how I justify it to myself…

We always book late deals or well in advance to ensure we get the best price.

We save for our trip abroad all year round, but we have to make sure we save a certain amount first before contemplating booking a trip.

We go all inclusive and spend next to nothing when we are on holiday.

Plus – the kids love it – and I am trying to be thrifty to give them a better start, so that makes it ok…



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