Poetry as inspired by rockets

It is two weeks till the end of the school holidays,

My brain hurts from trying to keep the kids occupied in lots of ways.

We have loom banded enough to decorate our arms for weeks.

The paddling pool is exhausted and full of leaks.


So what to do as the days go by.

Reading is deemed boring, the kids want to make something that will fly.

Then we hear of a competition, that they can all join in.

And all we need is something we can usually find in the bin.


We are going to build a rocket, and work really hard.

Using loo rolls, glitter, and possibly extra card.

If they do their best, and make it look smashing.

They could win an iPod nano and hear all the songs they like to sing.


The challenge has been set by Rocket Bingo

They want to see our best loo roll rocket, and we plan on showing them so.

We have looked on their site and think we can do better.

Plus we need something to do as the weather gets wetter.

loorollrocket-header (1)

We have till August 31st to make a rocket our of rolls.

It should take up at least some of the hols.

We are making four, to give us each a shot.

They are going to be awesome, and smoking hot.


If you want to know more, and join in the fun.

Head to the site, where there is also Bingo to be won.

You just need to make your rocket look fab.

But…  If you win over me, I will be extremly mad!



You can join in Rocket Bingos Loo Roll Rocket Challenge here.

They are hosting a competition on Facebook where they are asking you to create your very own ‘Loo Roll Rocket’. It does have to have ‘Rocket Bingo’ written on it, but you can be as creative as you like!

Once you have made your masterpiece, you’ll need to take a snap of yourself or your pet holding the rocket and upload it to their Facebook photo contest and start the caption with your Rocket Bingo username (that part will take you about 2 mins!).

The three runners up will win £5.00 worth of Amazon vouchers each or a copy of Elton John’s album Rocket Man! The winner an iPod 7th Gen

Full terms are on the site!

Good luck!



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