Lessons for the kids: learning about money

Dear small ones,

I am probably not your best ambassador for money.  Truth is, I am outstanding at spending it and am still trying to figure out how to save it.

However, I want you to grow up with a good idea of how pounds and pence work, so when life throws a curveball you don’t have to lose sleep worrying about money.

Your Grandad taught me…

“If you have a problem money can solve, you don’t have a problem.”

He is right, but having some money tucked away somewhere safe can ease your mind.  For example, when you all developed your different health conditions I knew my place was at home, not with my legs under a desk in the office.

We made life changes, which included selling up and moving home.  We were not prepared to be a single income family, we were not ready for the catalyst of change that epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and Type 1 Diabetes would mean to our financial life.

Learn from us, don’t be like us.

It was worth pinching the pennies, changing our lives, to spend more time watching you grow, playing and helping you stay in great health.

But for you,

For you, I have this advice.

Use your money wisely.  Put some away, speak to people who know, set up an account with someone like thinkmoney, pay your bills and for the love of God don’t get into debt. Have money for a rainy day.

Spend on doing what you love, buy books, see the world, make every penny count.  Use your money to experience new cultures and have adventures, just make sure you have some waiting in the bank at home.

And maybes,

Just maybes,

You could put a little aside for your mum and dads retirement?




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